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What is Axon M?

Axon M is a foldable phone, that operates like a traditional smartphone when it’s closed with its 5.2” screen. When opened, two screens come to life and allow three unique modes:

  • Extended Mode – One application is extended across both screens, effectively operating as a tablet application on a 6.75” screen.

  • Dual Mode – Two applications are used on two separate screens. This mode provides a user with the ability to multitask across two apps at the same time.

  • Mirror Mode – One application is replicated across both screens. This mode is useful for two or more users that want to view an application from different viewpoints.

How to Test and Develop for Axon M

Download the Axon M Developer guide for instructions to test and develop for Axon M.

How to Notify ZTE

Once your application is developed to support Extended mode and then published into the Play store, please notify ZTE so that your application can be whitelisted.

Notify ZTE that your application is ready.

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