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What is Axon M?

Axon M is a foldable Android smartphone running on Android 7.1.2 Nougat, that operates like a traditional smartphone with a 5.2” screen when it’s closed. When opened, two screens come to life and allow three unique modes:

Extended Mode - One application is extended across both screens, effectively operating as a tablet application on a 6.75" screen.

Dual Mode - Two applications are used on two separate screens. This mode provides a user with the ability to multitask across two apps at the same time.

Mirror Mode - One application is replicated across both screens. This mode is useful for two or more users that want to view an application from different viewpoints.

How to Develop for Axon M

Download the Axon M Developer guide for instructions to develop for Axon M

How to Notify ZTE

Once your application is developed to support Extended mode and then published into the Google Play™ store, please notify ZTE so that your application can be whitelisted.

Notify ZTE when your appication is uploaded to Google Play™ Store

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