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Welcome to ZTE Labs, where are goal is to bring you closer to our product development lifecycle. We have two major programs within Labs:

1. Beta Lab: recurring beta tests for products within months of public release. Other times, we'll also have beta tests for unreleased software on public devices.

2. Consumer Lab: a series of online survyes and in-person focus groups to gather research across multiple products.

While we typically have over 100+ projects each year, every project has its unique set of requirements. Therefore, we require interested participants to complete the three optional fields in their profile as a prerequisite: gender, birth date, and ethnicity. Check back often for information on upcoming projeccts.

Welcome to our Consumer Lab page. While you will find many mobile research surveys kicked off by our teams, you will also find polls and discussions created by fellow members.

You're invited to complete any surveys that are still open and by all means create a poll if it relates to general mobile preferences. If your topic only pertains to one product, please create your poll within the respective product forum.

Newest Consumer Research Invitation: AR Consumer Research Survey

Welcome to our Beta Lab page. While we currently have a dozen or so private beta tests running, there are no active projects that we're recruiting for.

Check back often for recruiting surveys and screeners for new beta projects.

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