Project CSX - Winner

It has been an incredible journey reading through 400 submissions for Project CSX, countless comments from the community giving feedback on these ideas, and a finale in which consumers from around the world - 176 countries to be exact - voted on the device that ZTE will build in 2017.  ZTE has learned a lot throughout this entire process and we hope that all of you have too.  It's truly a global effort and we enjoyed receiving feedback and votes from all of you.  Selecting a device is just the first step in crowd-sourcing something new, so look for additional ways to participate as we enter the next phase of CSX.


For now, we're proud to announce the grand prize winner of Project CSX...


Team One Technology - Eye-Tracking Phone


Team One Technology's submission for a phone with eye-tracking technology that allows a hands-free experience is the winner after receiving the greatest amount of votes across the polls conducted by ZTE.  As a reminder, the voting for the CSX finale was left up to all of you - consumers from around the world participated in the final voting. 


The Eye-Tracking phone is very innovative and the team did a terrific job explaining their idea, drafting the design and illustrating how a consumer would use the product.  Using eye-tracking, users don't need to use finger gestures to scroll.  But the team went beyond eye-tracking and thought of the complete user experience.  If it's hands-free, then the consumer should be able to position the device somewhere that he or she doesn't have to hold it.  Thus, the team created the concept of a self-adhesive backing that allows the phone to be mounted to a wall or flat surface.  Further, if it's mounted on a surface that is susceptible to others that might look at the phone, the team solved the issue with a split screen technology that ensures that the owner of the phone sees the intended content - a great security feature.  Kudos to Team One Technology for thinking about the complete user experience.


Further details of their concept can be found here:

NEW: Self-Adhesive Smartphone with Optimized User Interface via Eye Tracking System and Split Screen Technology




Please join me in congratulating Team One Technology! We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronic Show.


Dr. Hassan Al-Khalidy: Team leader - Dentist/ Biomaterials/ Handhelds Designer

Arshad Al-Kaabi: Dental Technologist/ Biomaterials/ Physical Scientist Researcher

Manar Noori: Mechanical Engineer/ Program Researcher.

Ali Malik: Computer and Mobile Handhelds Expert/ Sales Manager