Project CSX, the crowd-source initiative to define the next great mobile device, is now accepting ideas for product names.


What do you think is the best name for a phone that tracks your eye movement, automatically scrolls pages and text, and can be mounted against a wall or flat surface with self-adhesive materials for a truly hands-free experience?  This is precisely the winning device requested by consumers around the world for ZTE to build in 2017, but it currently lacks a name.  That's where you can help.  As a part of the next phase of Project CSX, you have an opportunity to name the phone.  What would you call it?




  • Prize

Final Product Name - $250 gift card

  • Timeline

Product names may be submitted between November 28, 2016 and December 5, 2016 at 11:59pm ET.

The winner and final product name will be announced at the Consumer Electronic Show 2017.

  • Rules
  1. Ideas for product names must be submitted to ZTE using the Project CSX web site at
  2. Product name ideas must be unique.  Duplicate entries will be disqualified.  The original author of a unique product name is determined by the timestamp of the submission.
  3. Product names must not violate trademarks or other copyright laws. ZTE reserves the right to disqualify names.
  4. ZTE will select the winning product name from the top five product name submissions, based on votes from the Project CSX web site.If any of the top five product name submissions are disqualified for trademark or other violations, then it will be substituted with the product name submission with the next highest vote.
  • Terms and conditions

The “Project CSX, Crowd Sourced Devices” Product Naming Competition - Official Rules


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