We're here at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) today, announcing the name of the Project CSX phone and showing off an early prototype.  We've also announced the ability to pre-order the phone which is expected to be available in September 2017.



Brand Phase Winner


Congratulations to tashrifm (Tashrif Mahmud) who is the winner of the brand phase of Project CSX.  Tashrif provided the suggestion to name the eye-tracking, adhesive phone as Hawkeye, and we believe this is an appropriate name.  There were great suggestions from many of you - 540 names in total - but in the end we can only have one name for this phone.


The final selection had to consider trademarks and rights on a global basis, including appropriateness of a brand name in different languages and cultures around the world.  As a result, there turns out to be many suggestions (and ones that I personally liked) that had to be ruled out.  I suspect the author of Eye-Phone probably knew this when it was submitted, as it closely resembles a phone made by a company named after a fruit, but we enjoyed reading it anyway.  Now, we feel confident that we have a good name for a product that matches the phone's features and allows ZTE to distribute it around the world -Hawkeye.


Pre-Order the Hawkeye Phone


In the spirit of Project CSX being crowd-sourced from start to finish, we have chosen to begin pre-orders on the popular crowd-funding site, Kickstarter.  The phone is not expected to be available until September 2017, but early adopters get the benefit of an exclusive price and receiving the device before it's made available to the general public.  It's also an opportunity to see early specifications and designs of the phone.  To pre-order a phone or help contribute to the project, go to:


Pre-Order at - http://kickstarter.zteusa.com



What's next?  Your input and contribution will continue throughout the development.  Shortly, expect a round of voting for colors and material finish to use on the phone.  As with each phase of the project, it's consumers (you) that decide what ZTE builds.  More on this coming in early 2017.  Later, we'll get to the software experience and beta testing.  There will be lots of opportunities between now and when the phone ships to participate in Project CSX.  Thanks to all of you for your ideas and contributions.