Dreaming of bootloader unlocking?



  • I have decided to return my device back to best buy. I will be patiently waitig till all issues are resolved and the opportunity to unlock bootloader. Also will wait to se when the device gets android 7.0 nugget. that will be another reason I will be waiting to se what happens with the ZTE device. Also will want to tse how they do with giving the user monthly secure patches. This are the concerns that I have so far about eh device.

  • I always knew people were passionate awhen it comes to rooting,  I just thought it was a niche thing that not many people actually even did,  until I came to these forums! One day I wouldn't mind trying it out on a junk phone but wouldn't dare risk bricking one of my babies lol.

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    Right now ZTE is know for cheaper phones, and cheap phones do sell, but ultimately if they want to have Cell phone revenues of Samsung they need help.  They have the advantage of learning from others.  they can avoid mistakes and copy what works.  If they do that they will grow slowly.  But ultimately its the more radical companies like OnePlus that will grow quickly.  If OP3 had a SD card U wouln't have waited for the A7. 

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    Honestly its very easy to root and install a custom rom.  The reason why people are concerned with bricking phones are because there used to be multiple versions of the same phone model and or phone companies actively tried to prevent rooting.  Even when people screw up rooting there is normally away to unbrick phones.   I agree that it is nice to root a cheap phone that you don't care much about.  There are lots of different ways to root and unlock a boot loader but XDA typically has a bunch of great people to help you, so long as you don't presume they are required to help you and you are humble.  OH and don't forget to throw a couple dollars into the hat, a lot of people work really hard for little or no thanks. 

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    Well I'm all in for unlocked bootloaders and will pre order one from New Egg just to get the BT headphones and to get back into rom'ing again.

    I've been holding out for a couple of years playing with carrier phones and have been wasting time with them.

    I'm going to take a chance and see if ZTE delivers. Coming from a locked up'd solid AT&T LGv10 this should be interesting to say the least.

    Please ZTE...... Please don't make me sorry for spending time with you.

  • I hope so.i hope that ZTE can become a new comer to the android world in the north American and European markets.that would bea nice thing to happen to ZTE to be number 2 or number 3 in a short amount of time in the market place for android devices.

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    Unlocked bootloader doesn't always equal warranty void. With OnePlus you can unlock the bootloader and root and the phone will still be under warranty.

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    I'm going to say a few things about having a truly unlocked bootloader for those who don't know much about this and why they should be insistent for having the opportunity to.

    You will here many things negative about this on some of the various Android forums about how unsecure your phone becomes or how easy it is to "brick" your shiney new toy in doing this.

    To some extent these allegations are true but in reality all is not as bad as these sites are portraying this to you. If you are the type of person who isn't afraid to change the appearance of how your phone looks, what is on it  or preforms, then this is exactly what you need. Now if you are the type of person who never changes anything and takes your phonephone in to a service center whenever anything goes wrong or you want to change anything with it..... Stop here.. This isn't for you. You can keep doing what you do and go no further, however, if you have a desire to fix things that are broken, remove bloatware that you don't want, or add new features before they are usually available to have then having a truly unlocked phone is the only way you can get there.

    I'll give you a example.

    My current phone is a carrier locked  phone, the AT&T LG V10. While it is a good phone in many regards AT&T has removed the ability to to get to the factory recovery software all Android phones have. I can't clear anything in the cache with any button combination and can only do a factory reset. I've argued this with the highest available reps from both AT&T and LG to no avail. It's a security feature they have implemented and have no remorse about it. Now the other carriers do allow this, AT&T doesn't and has no plans to change it. If I had a truly unlocked phone this wouldn't be a issue but unfortunately I don't... Right now at least.. Lol

    Once the bootloader is unlocked, there will be development from the modding community for this device, it's a certainty, not a guess. This phone has all the internal specs to assure this,and once a custom recovery is built for it, then you will see all kinds of improvements made for it and most notably being able to instantly flash a backup image including all of your data,apps, and settings anytime or anywhere you are that you have saved to your phone without the need for a connection to the cloud. Secondly once development begins, being able to pick and choose between various types of custom roms, sound improvements, camera improvements, kernel tweaks for stability or  speed, battery life, Wacom support or many of the multitude of different things are at your disposal.

    Yes there are security concerns doing this as well as certain risk involved, but there will be risks involved with you driving to the store to pick up a loaf of bread too, which is to say that you need to take precautions to ensure your safety in all aspects of what you do. Having a truly unlocked bootloader is no different and can be used safely regardless of what some people are saying on the net. You may not need this, but there are countless people who are pleading for this, and for good reasons. One thing to remember is that what you unlock can be relocked at anytime if the need arises and there is a whole new world out there for you to learn all about it if you so desire.

    For me personally.. I'm a pessimistic optimistic.. Meaning that I hope for the best but plan for the worst and can honestly say that I would rather have this feature and not need itit, instead of needing it and not having it

  • Wow so many replies i just really want to hear confirmation now please

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    I think u are right.  Iope so.   I read it wrong. 

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    It's only easy to brick your phone if you make half hearted attempts or don't follow the instructions completely to the T.

    I've seen more people say that they bricked their phone when they got in a hurry or couldn't follow directions than any other reason.

    The point is that attention to the details of the methods are paramount to the level of the success, and nothing will change this.

    This isn't for the so called average individual who never experiments and use devices as they come,but for those who want to be able to do more than what they are given.

  • Any update on the bootloader   A lot of us are holding on to our Axon 7's until we get some kinda of firm confirmation within the 30 day trial.

  • Thanks you for clarifying the status of ZTE's intent on unlocking the boot loader. i think the phone is great but like many others have stated, we would like to have the boot loader unlocked. If there's no movement in unlocking by the end of September I'll return the phone and purchase the new Nexus.

  • ZTE warp elite n19518  unlock please!

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    Please check out the note above regarding carrier-locked devices. Thanks!

  • Yes I have read all negative info on the ZTE carrier anti unlocking info. I still want to push the idea along so more people here what customers want. Some how, some way it will eventually happen. If not this will be the last time I purchase this brand of phone and a lot of people would agree.

  • Hi, i'm new on this forum and i'dont know if this is the appropiated thread for my question, is my ZTE Z740 able to be bootloader unlocked? so i can then flash a custom recovery and rom?. I'm in Venezuela and the phone company who sells this phones doesn't provide any support about it, the phones comes with some AT&T firmware so i've doubts about if it's possible to do this. The phone at the moment is on a bootloop with the error Encryption Unsuccessful and nothing can be done from the stock recovery.

    Any ideas about this ? Thanks in advance!

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    I believe that would be the Sonata, made from Cricket.  Since this is a Carrier locked phone, ​, I believe the answer would be no, it won't be bootloader unlocked.

  • I think it's called RADIANT

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    Looks like the Sonata and the Radiant are the same phone?  One for Cricket and one for AT&T maybe?


  • Yeah tha's my phone, any ideas about fixing the Encryption Unsuccessful issue? i'm stuck in this bootloop of hell!!

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    You're talking to the wrong guy...I don't know too much about modding unfortunately.

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