Screen protectors for Spro2

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I am trying to find a decent screen protector for the Spro2. I prefer it pre-cut, made for the device. I don't need tempered glass or anything like that, I just don't want the device scratched up from use over time. I have the same protector that it came with on it still, but it is now peeling. I searched amazon, and am not finding anything.


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    This is the one Ive been using, its not my favorite protector Ive used but it does the trick lol DFlectorshield Screen Protector for the ZTE Spro 2 with free lifetime replacement program: Cell Phones & Acc…

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    ​ I noticed if I searched for spro screen protector they pulled up, but I searched for Spro2 nothing... I ended up cutting one for now, and got it pretty dead on, shocked and happy, so whatever works. Thank you for linkin me, I know it takes a few minutes, and for that I am much appreciative

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    np ​ anything to help   Im glad you have the screen covered now

  • I also took the original demo plastic cover off the screen and cut my own screen protector out of a generic sheet, and it looks pretty damn good. But I wanted a real one, so I ordered this from an eBay seller in Germany. It's a hybrid glass screen protector, whatever that means, and it also has protection for the front where the projector lens is. I should get it on Monday and I'll post results as soon as I apply it.

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    ​ Definitely let me know what you think of it

  • Well, after a one long week of waiting for it to travel from Germany to New Jersey, FedEx dropped off the atFoliX Hybrid-Glass Screen Protector for the ZTE Spro 2 at my door this morning.

    I was wondering what 'hybrid glass' meant, since I didn't understand much of the eBay auction written in German, even when I passed it through Google Translate. But, when I received it, it wasn't the typical 9H hard glass that I've put on many of my smartphones and tablets. It was almost as thick, but somewhat flexible.

    The plastic tab easily removes the bottom protective sheet, and the tape tab pulls the top sheet is when the screen protector is laid down. A dust remover sticker, hard card for pushing bubbles, and a bagged cloth are also provided, along with multilingual illustrated instructions.

    Applying it was a cinch, except for the front panel where the projector lens was. The lens cutout and rounded ends were slightly off, and it kept lifting off the device's glass when it ran into the raised silver border. With enough patience and finagling, I got it to adhere properly. I was initially surprised that there is a cutout for the actual projector lens, but I quickly theorized that if the lens got hot over a period of use, it could melt or cause damage to the screen protector or the device's glass itself.

    The surface of the screen protector is smooth and almost feels natural to the device. When I initially applied it, there were some tiny bubbles, and the provided hard card was nothing more than a thick business card, so it was useless. I used the edge of my fingernail and pushed the remaining air out at the sides of the screen protector, and now it looks perfect.

    While the $10.25 price was comparable to the $9 vinyl screen protector sold on Amazon, the international shipping from Germany was more than twice the price of the screen protector itself at $25.80, making the total damage at $36.05, similar to those overpriced ZAGG screen protectors sold at retail channels. Maybe if someone bought it in bulk, assuming the shipping doesn't increase with the price of each unit, it could offset the total cost per protector. But, overall, I'm happy with it and recommend it, as I think it will provide long-lasting protection on the device.


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