ZTE Axon 7 with Straight Talk

I finally got my lovely axon 7 device. It is stellar but right now I am having a problem with activating my phone with my at&t sim card from Straight Talk. Followed the directions for the activation and opted to keep my phone number from my previous straight talk account and transfer that same number onto my axon 7. That when everything went down hill, because apparently I can't use my phone until my old phone stop working on their service. Here what it said when I tried to reenter in my serial number because when I went to update my apn setting I couldn't because It said my sim card/ phone wasn't activated. Here is the message: Your number transfer request is being processed. You may continue to use your OLD phone until the transfer process is complete. You will know that the transfer process is complete, once your OLD phone stops working. If you are transferring your number from another Straight Talk phone, the process should take from a few minutes to a few hours to complete. In some cases, it could take as long as 24 hours. If you are transferring your number from another Company, the process should take a few hours to complete. In some cases, it could take as long as 2 business days. It may take longer for landline phone numbers. During this time, your current phone will still work.

Meanwhile I have no service and a message saying sim not provisioned mm#2. I called the service provider and they said that the phone should work once the transfer is complete and if not call back immediately. She also said that I should turn off the phone with is opposite to the message I got above. So I'm guessing I will be data less for the next so minutes, hours, or days no telling. But really it is a beautiful phone. Just wish the data was working correctly. Of course if anyone can provide some assistance I would be extremely grateful.

Edit: My issue has been resolve. Thank everyone for the tips!


  • I'm going from Verizon to a ATT Straight Talk Sim. I hope it transfers quickly. I definitely want to know more about APN settings and how to get optimal numbers to enhance my service.

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    That is normal that you have no service for a while as they are transferring your service from one phone/sim to another. It will take anywhere from a few minutes to hours from my experience on AT&T. You won't get any service until the transfer is complete from Straight Talk. All you can really do is just wait.

    Here is a guide I created about changing APN a while back for the contest. It has Straight Talk APN link listed at the bottom.

  • Wow so even calls aren't possible but oh wow that is such a big relief. Well then one more thing. So to tell when the transfer has been complete, will my phone automatically connect to the service or will I have to restart my phone like it said in the instruction. Or do I have to check my old phone. I have my old phone off because of what the service provider said, so I'm not exactly sure how I will know. Is it ok to have my old phone on?

    Oh but thank you for the apn setting thing. I find that really confusing. I have to do the apn setting thing after my service is on or before?

  • I have just gone through the process of transferring my straight talk phone number to my new axon 7. It took about 15 minutes and I had to cycle power off and on. I also turned my old straight talk phone off. I went through this last year and the process took about an hour. I like straight talk for there value, but customer service is very weak. I'm sorry you are having problems. I really do like the new Axon 7. I hope you have success soon.

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    It should be automatic, but is recommended to power on/off (shortcut: airplane mode) to make the phone reboot the network to search for connection.

    APN is not needed if the phone can automatically detect the right setting, which I assume it might be able to do so. If you have signal/service and can't access internet, etc., then you will need to manually enter APN settings.

    To round it up, don't mess with anything and see if it will work. If not, then go through the settings to configure it.

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    I had a hard time getting my AXON phone hooked up to a network that works in my rural area Verizon (who wouldn't even talk about AXON) or Straighttalk, which uses Verizon Towers. Eventually I bought an unlocked ZTE BladeMax View from ZTE-USA and put the activated a Straighttalk SIM that was in my ZTE Blade MAX View into my AXON and it worked!

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