[Mobile Education] Enabling Developer Options in Android!

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Hello there! In this post I will explain how to enable developer options in android. It is relatively simple. However, it wasn't until the last year that I learned how to do it. Before I get started, you might ask "Why would I want to do this?" A big advantage to enabling Developer Options is the option to enable ADB (Android Debugging-necessary to root your phone). Besides ADB, there are just a whole lot of other cool/geeky options (for your inner geek ) that you may not know about (such as monitoring CPU usage/processes and visualized touch input). It's not necessary at all, but just a neat option built into Android. That being said, let's get started!

Step one: Open up settings and scroll down to the "About phone option" and select it.

Android About phone.png

Step two: Once in the "About Phone" section, scroll all the way down to the "Build Number" option.

Android Build Number.png

Step three: Tap the "Build Number" option eight times (it will count down once you get to four) until it says "You are now a developer!"

Android Developer 2.png

Step four: You can find your new options right above the "About Phone" tab in settings.

Developer Option 3.png

Step five: Congratulations! You've done it! Enjoy messing around with the new options!


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