[Mobile Education] [Application] How to extend your phone's battery life with Greenify!

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There are plenty of apps on Play Store that claims to improve battery life on your phone, but none of them works as good as Greenify. Greenify puts apps into hibernation when the apps are not in use, preventing them from hogging resources in the background.

Android Marshmallow & Nougat users can benefit even more battery savings by activating a feature called Aggressive Doze Mode with takes the built-in Doze Mode features and, well, amps it up in order to make it even more effective.

Keep in mind, this app works the best when your device is rooted, but not required. This app works with devices with Android 4.1 and up.

Step 1. Turn on Accessibility option for the app. Settings > All Settings (if using ZTE Axon 7) > Accessibility (under System).


Step 2. If your device is rooted, the application should ask for Root Access, when you fire up the application for the first time. If not then you can access "Working Mode" option under settings. Three Dot menu button > Settings. See Pic Below.


Step 3. Enable Aggressive Mode for Android Marshmallow and Nougat Users. This will amp up doze mode settings even further and extend your phone's battery life even more.  See the pic below.


Step 4. To Automate Hibernation (Only for Non - Root Users). This option allows the app to hibernate apps automatically. This optional step, but keep in mind that you need to manually hibernate application every single time.


Step 5. Add applications to the list that you want to hibernate. Back out of the settings and Click on "+" to add applications that you want to hibernate. Avoid apps that you believe you need it to be active at all times such as EMAIL or GMAIL app. Tap Zzz to manually hibernate applications.


This is what the app set up looks like, Once done adding applications to the hibernate list.


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