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Trepn Profiler is an app made by Qualcomm to give you insight into what your mobile phone is doing behind the scenes as you use it. The app can be used to find which apps overpower the processor, which apps use lots of data, and which apps are hogging battery life. All together the Trepn profiler is a great tool to help determine if an app is written well or not, or if it’s worth keeping in your arsenal.

This app may not be for the average user, but could be very useful for those that like to test ROMs and kernels, or even those that write their own apps. There are basically 6 different profiling presets. Each has a different function to assist you in your troubleshooting.

  1. CPU Frequency Overlay: Shows the speed of the first 4 cores of your CPU, and since it’s an overlay you can watch the results as an app is running.
  2. Mobile Data Detective: This app can be used to identify apps that use a lot of mobile or wifi data. This will list the apps that use the most data in your profile. *note this profile needs to run for 10 mins before results appear.
  3. Performance Graph: Preset default shows the frequency and load of the CPU and GPU. This can assist with determining the efficiency of your apps.
  4. CPU Usage Monitor: Displays apps in a list based on highest percentage of CPU used over the last second.
  5. CPU Load Overlay: displays the load of the first four cores of the CPU. This assists with showing how hard the apps are making your processor run.
  6. Network Activity: Shows network related activity and battery stats. 

Please note most of these settings can be changed and customized as you see fit, making this app a nice have for an app that is giving you problems or for your own developing of ROMs and Apps. Hopefully you find this helpful!

Here are a few screen shots as well:


And a getting started video from Qualcomm:


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