Available Now On MetroPCS... ZMAX Pro - The Next Generation Of The ZMAX Series

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The Next Generation Of The ZMAX Series...



The ZMAX Pro breaks barriers as the first U.S. carrier supported phone under $100.00 that features a fingerprint sensor, and its 3400 mAh battery, 13MP and 5MP cameras, up to 64GB of storage, and a big, beautiful 6-inch HD display provides unmatched value for consumers. To get the hottest deal of the summer visit MetroPCS in store or online at https://www.metropcs.com/zte-zmax-pro...


  • Why not include a menu key? Or at least a way to access it? Other phones with recent apps button can access menu by it holding down. But not the pro, as of yet...

    Maybe it can be included in an update?

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    feature requests are always welcome.

    For ZTE devices that are purchased through wireless carriers, we are constantly working with each carrier to evaluate customer feedback through various channels. While there are numerous parameters to consider in our collaboration process, we are always striving to influence changes to current products where possible, and more importantly ensuring the success of future products.

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    Hey, excuse me sorry still learning forum controls and such, i have a question. How would one go about requestong bootloader unlock for the zmax pro? If youd know

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    Currently there is no method for unlocking the bootloader on the ZMAX Pro.

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