[Mobile Education] [App] How to block POWER menu on lockscreen!

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For this tutorial, I am going to show you how to block POWER menu on  lock screen so a thief will not be able to switch off the device. This is going to be a quick Mobile Education Tutorial. For this, you need "Cerberus anti - theft" app. This app does more than just blocking the POWER menu on the lock screen. This app works with Android Wear and also supports Fingerprint sensor. Moreover, it can block Notification Bar on Lock Screen, Remote backup, locate your device, and much more. For now, I am focusing more on how to lock POWER Menu on LS.

Step 1. Install the Cerberus anti-theft app on your device.

Step 2. Enable Device Administration by going Settings > Security > Device Administrators (under device administration) > Cerberus (tick the box on the right)


Step 3. Create an account. Once the account creation is done, log in using the credentials.

Step 4. Block Power Menu under Device administration.


Step 5. Give it a second or two to activate and have a peace of mind knowing that nobody will be able to turn it off, in the event of your phone is lost.

Bonus Tip: If you enabled Block Status Bar, that will stop a thief from turning off GPS, DATA and WiFi. Now your phone is more secure than ever. Hopefully this Mobile Education Tutorial helps you.

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