[Mobile Education] Customize your Android device.

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Android is a unique os. Apart from features, it is the only OS that you can customize anything in it to your needs.

here is what to do.

1- If you use a stock ROM:

You can download a launcher (I recommend Nova Launcher), an Icon pack (choose whatever you like, there are a lot), go to the settings of the launcher and choose Icon pack, then select your desired icon pack).

Also there are widgets (lots of them, but I recommend zooper widget), not to forget some of them are customizable.

2- If you use a custom ROM with a bulit in theme choser (like CyanogenMod)

Aside from the mentionned above, there are some themes on the play store (check compatibility first), so you can customize your system's UI. And a bonus of having a theme engine, is that you can download several themes, and apply one to each specific UI item (like system apps UI, icons, sounds, boot animation...etc)

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