Zmax Pro WiFi?

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I'm getting conflicting info on the WiFi standards on my phone. On the ZTE Zmax Pro product page (click here) under specifications it lists Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, 2.4GHz & 5GHz. I cannot see a 5GHz channel from my router, which also makes me question whether it has AC. I have reached out to ZTE under the support tab on the site and have yet to hear back. I also reached out to MetroPcs on their Facebook page and a rep told me, "Wi-Fi specifications are: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, 2.4GHz & 5GHzHave you tried any troubleshooting with your router?".

I have seen a couple thread here that seem to indicate that it doesn't have dual band WiFi, here​ and here​. One of the main reasons that I got this phone is because of the listed specs on the ZTE website. Is there someone from ZTE on this forum that can give a definite answer on the WiFi specs or if there are some settings that I'm missing? Thanks.



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    ​  Thank you for your post.  I do apologize about the conflicting information and I assure you that we are going to get to the bottom of this and I will reply here as soon as I hear back. 

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    Any updates on this situation?

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      Not sure if you saw it... There was another thread up with the same question. The ZMAX Pro does not have 5GHz WiFi, there was a typo in the specifications.

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    Well at least they fixed it on the website since I posted this. Great phone, but it sucks for people like me that bought the Zmax Pro based off the specs listed on the manufacturers website, since 2.4band is really congested in my apartment complex. I think that this will be the last ZTE that I'll buy. Anyhow, thanks for the info guys!!!

  • Typo? "tiypo" < thats a typo. Stating it has 5ghz wifi is a straight up a lie. Still this is a beast of a phone and I love it, but posting incorrect specs - from the manufacturers' own website, mind you - suggests to me it was no typo and was meant to sell more units and not acceptable. ZTE already makes great phones - the best bang for the buck in fact. Absolutely no need to fudge the specs.

  • The information provided about these phones is scant at best- now, to know what little info I'm getting has a good probability of being wrong, makes a ZTE product less of a bargain and potentially a mistake to purchase.

    ---I agree, that doesn't sound like a typo, sounds like intention over-sell.

  • This is not a typo it's an out-and-out lie I would have never bought the phone everybody knows the 2.4 gigahertz for the distance but not as strong of a signal also congested and the 5.0 gigahertz signal is stronger but not as far reaching. This calls for a class action suit a full return of one's money or a new upgraded phone for free and a fine by the government for false advertisement. The ZTE zMAX z970 has 2.4 and 5.0 gigahertz the newest phone is a cheaper phone actually

  • And the older is ZTE zMAX z970 has better sound quality weird this one the pro really has bad sound quality you cannot hear the other person and it's not metro because the other phone z 970 sound was perfect.

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    Per the terms and conditions of this website:  Terms of Use - ZTE USA

    Neither ZTE USA nor any of its affiliates, subsidiaries, directors, agents, employees or other representatives shall be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential, punitive, and/or exemplary damages including without limitation, loss of profits or revenues, loss of data, and/or loss of business, in connection with this Website or the use of or inability to use this Website or reliance on the contents contained herein, even if ZTE USA is advised of the possibility of such damages.

    Also you cant purchase the Zmax Pro from ZTE, you are directed to the respective sites (tmobile or Metro PC) to make the purchase, which didnt have 5ghz listed so if someone wanted the information they could have easily asked someone here on the forum as others did or the carrier and anyone would have been happy to help and would have been given the information.

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    Wrong answer!!!

    I am the OP of this thread and as I pointed out in the original post, I contacted MetroPcs and they told me, direct quote:

    Wi-Fi specifications are 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, 2.4GHz & 5GHz Have you tried any troubleshooting with your router? 

    Also, I the wifi specs weren't listed on the MetroPcs site back then. And after a quick glance(could be wrong, didn't feel like wasting my time), they still don't appear to list the wifi specs. Anyhow, that's what originally led me to the manufactures official specs on their website. Which should be 100% accurate. You shouldn't have to go to a 3rd party to find out the device specs.

    Dual band AC was one of the main criteria for me buying this POS. However, not having dual band wifi is the least of the problems with this phone. But at least if they never lied about the specs, I never would have bought this junk or had to deal with a terrible company like ZTE. This is how shady companies do business. And remember, as always boys and girls, DON'T EVER BUY ZTE

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    When I bought my Z981 from the local Metro store they assured me it was dual-band WiFi or I wouldn't have bought it. I should have taken it back when I found out they lied but I was already liking it too much.

  • Agree. Extremely disappointed we were lied to. This is my first and last ZTE phone.

  • I forgot to ask about this when I bought the phone but it was disappointing to find out there was no 5ghz wifi on this phone.  My FIOS Quantum isn't being used to its maximum capacity. 

  • Just because you say your not responsible, neither this person or another. this is not china, this is a country of laws not a dictatorship. when something is stated even by mistake you are still held responsible.

  • I pick this phone with one of the service provider as discussing here it wont detect 5g wifi and i did complained to the service provide, and he says something wrong with the wireless router and the signal,  even they dont know there are type of wifi signals like 2.4 and 5, and i am not able use this phone to connect my corporate network.

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    This phone uses 2.4ghz, the standard in every corporate network so it is fully capable of using wifi in a corporate setting.  My corporate friends have endless wifi problems at work because of wonky corporate security, not because of the phone.

    A friend took her phone to corporate IT and they installed their own corporate software that allowed her to get past security.

    But, if you want to spend your work day on Amazon, don't use corporate wifi. IT tracks useage on the corporate network.  Just get an unlimited data account and use LTE.

  • It's not going to pick up a 5ghz modem band, only 2.4ghz.....because they lied. And you won't get a response from them because they know it.

  • And there's nothing wrong with your router, I've been told the same bs by other companies that lied. We have 4 other gadgets in our house running on 5ghz, IT'S NOT THE ROUTER.

    They know the average consumer has no clue as to whether or not the wireless adapter is falsely advertised, so they exploit it.

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    Every corporate network uses 2.4 ghz because every smartphone and tablet sold in the past five years uses 2.4ghz.  It is the STANDARD in America.

    About 20% to 30% of phones also use 5 ghz.  Many corporate networks do not use 5ghz because the majority of phones can not connect.

    If you can not connect your phone to the corporate network, the problem is not with the phone.  Have someone in corporate IT help you get connected.  Again, there is ZERO problem with your phone.

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    Yes indeed sir, they did lie. If ZTE and Metro advertised this phone to have dual band AC wifi and it doesn't have it.That's false advertising, but they won't say much about that. It's the same reason most people won't get a straight answer around here about most problems they're having. The top 3 BS canned answers that this place gives out are:

    1. Reset your phone. -  But we all know that you shouldn't have to reset your phone to get it to work. If you have to do that, it's a piece of junk!!!

    2. We can't do anything, go talk to Metro.  - But then you talk to Metro and they tell you to contact ZTE. The classic blame game. It's funny how large companies like ZTE and Metro will pass the buck to each other in order to save a buck, not caring if they lose customers or not.

    3. We can't tell you anything about fixes or updates because of a super secret NDA. - I won't even attempt to address this ridiculous bit of non sense. All I can tell you is that you have learned your lesson about buying tech from a third tier company with lack of software support and/or fixes.

    Until next time everyone, have a great day and remember. DON'T BUY ZTE!!!

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    The one linked by OP has already been corrected. I bought this phone without caring about the 5ghz capability coz all I cared about is the VR capability.

    So I would be pissed too if you bought it for 5ghz capability only to find out, it really is not. Is there a difference though on the speed or something?as far as I know they already corrected that specs long before the OP complained about it.

    NVM. I suppose they corrected it after they read this thread, LOL.

  • But they still lied regardless. And 5ghz is way faster. We shouldn't have to step-down when buying a new phone. My older LG Stylo had 5ghz capability, and it's like 3 years older. I was getting like 150 MBS on 5ghz band. Now, because they lied, I'm getting 40 MBS on the same router cause I have to connect to the slower 2.4 ghz band. Total bs.

  • There's a huge difference. I dropped from 150 MBS speed to 40 MBS having to use the 2.4 band.

    On top of that, other items like Roku have to be on the same network band as your phone in order to be compatible, so I had to downgrade my Roku connection from 5.0 ghz to 2.4 as well.

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    Yes there is a big speed difference. Also, there is a big interference difference since the 2.4 band is crowded most of the time. And if you notice the OP, that was one of my top criteria. I didn't buy a $250 router to use N2.4 wifi.

    Also, if you notice this thread was posted on August 6th. I had to bump this thread 5 days later to even get a reply from sshasan, and his answer was:

    "Not sure if you saw it... There was another thread up with the same question. The ZMAX Pro does not have 5GHz WiFi, there was a typo in the specifications."

    So why did it take a week to get an answer? If there was a previous thread, why weren't the specs fixed until almost a week after this thread was started? Why did Metro have the wrong specs too? Also, how can you claim a typo when a typo is a typing mistake? Whoever typed the specs meant to put wifi AC and dual band in there. That wasn't a typo, it's called false advertising, simple as that....

  • Funny how "mistakes" and "typos"are always in FAVOR of the company, never the consumer. Makes you wonder....

  • It doesn't have 5.0, the release info says it does but it doesn't. Been almost a year with mine, it was also angry about it because the original zmax had 5ghz.

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    joeyg, it seems sagudfood now has a clone.  You both hate ZTE.  You both hate ZTE phones.  Both of you find time every day to express that hate.  Yet neither are willing to buy a Samsung phone and move to the Samsung forums.   You both use the same vocabulary, sentence structure and syntax.

    It is almost as if sagudfood created a second identity.

  • Alan, are you for real?? To ease your paranoia, no, we are not twin bots, lmao. Just hate being intentionally mislead. And it's a pain in the @ss to switch phones, nor should we have to. And the affordable Samsung phone sold by metro does not have Gorrilla Glass, or else, yes, I would have bought it. At least Samsung was honest about its phone's shortcomings...

  • And I've posted on here about 3 days out of 60 days, a far cry from "every day". If ZTE were honest, I wouldn't be on here at all.

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    ​ you might as well ignore alanhoustan and jimlloyd40. They seem to be undercover employees or ZTE sympathizers. I've asked them both to leave me alone but they keep stalking and harassing me. Anyhow just ignore them like they were never born and don't let them sidetrack you. They are here for damage control only.

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