Using the sd card as internal storage.

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I know it says that you can't use the card in any other machine, but can you remove the card and  erase it and reuse it in another machine or even in the Zmax Pro?

Right now I have a 32gb but in the future I will get a bigger one that's why I want to know about reusing the card. 

Or can the SD card be switched back to the portable sd kind?


  • AerospacemanAerospaceman Z-Community Moderator Posts: 1,208 admin

    Hello.  You can always take the sd-card out and do as you wish with it.  Including formatting it an using it in a different device if you choose.

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    Aerospaceman answered your question but I'll explain it a little more in depth to you is.  On the phone that the SD card is in now go to storage in the settings and click/touch SD card . You will then see "format " . Click /touch that and proceed and your SD card will be erased . But if you just have pictures or music you can just eject the SD card and put it in the new device if you want to save whatever is on the SD card .

  • Will the axon 7 get adoptable storage in a Software update this was one of the cool features I was looking forward to

  • jimlloyd40jimlloyd40 Phoenix, AZ Posts: 16,278 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    You would have to ask ZTE that question . They can provide that if they choose to .

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