Does anyone know how to turn off the "MetroPCS" scroll at the top left hand corner of the screen?

I can not seem to find anywhere in the settings to turn off this annoying scroll. Anyone had any ideas?


  • In previous versions of Android and on some other phones, there was a secret menu option called UI TUNER that would have probably allowed for adjustments to the bar, including turning off the annoying text. Most of the time it says "MetroP" so it looks silly and takes up needed bar space. I agree that the text should be removed. Hopefully ZTE will remove it or enable UI TUNER and let us turn it on and off.

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    I'm not the biggest fan of it myself... No way that I've found to stop it.

  • Download Inoty from play store; you can change carrier text or remove it altogether. Heres a video link: How to change the Metro pcs message on the top corner of the ZTE Zmax Pro - YouTube

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    that's a good option,  I tired it out but it wasn't right for me.  It didn't get rid of it as much as replace it with dots. it them simplified and cleaned up the icon notifications one top, then when I tried to pull down the drop down menu it totally changes that, plus it always has to run to keep the changes so I deleted it.

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    Does it only scroll because "MetroPcs" is too big to fit in the space? I wonder how it's going to behave when I switch to ATT or H20. I hope it just sits there.

  • This is how I solved the problem. It's an app called Status Bar Mini Pro. You can make it display anything almost and appear anywhere; in my setup I have my internal memory left in green, my MicroSD card memory left below that, and (obviously) the date at the bottom.

    I haven't seen the MetroPCS logo since. ;-)


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    I realize that this is an old post, but if anyone is still looking to get rid of that annoying scrolling MetroPCS logo, just download Clean Status Bar from the play store. It's free, it's 1MB and it's stripped down. Totally blacks it out.

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    I know the one you're talking about. But there is also a free app by Developers called Clean Status Bar.

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