Video Flickering on Youtube.

On the Zmax Pro when watching video on youtube official app for an extended time (5-10 minutes) I get this video flickering that comes and goes away pretty fast.  It's annoying but not totally disruptive.  Is anyone else having this issue? How can I fix this?


  • sshasansshasan Staff Member United StatesPosts: 3,594 admin

    Hi , this is the first time I'm hearing about this issue. Could you try clearing the cache on the YouTube app and trying again?

  • I went ahead and cleared the cache under the youtube app and played a few videos and I'm still having this issue.  Again, its not constantly flickering.  It only flickers once in about 1 or 3 minutes and when it does flicker it does it once or twice. 

    Note: 1. I am charging while watching video

               2. I have the screen brightness at 100% 

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