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Now that ZTE is making a bootloader unlock available on its Axon series it would be much appreciated if this can be extended to the ZMAX 2, especially since this is a off contract phone in many cases.


  • ngd1ngd1 DelandPosts: 8

    Along with the axon series id like to see the zmax pro maybe get bl unlock aswell

  • If they are going to allow customers to unlock the Axon, they need to have that ability for all phones. The Warp Elite is another phone I would like to see with this capability. The voiding of the warranty is nothing new in the developing world. I don't understand what the hesitation is on unlocking bootloaders for these devices. Just have a form for us to accept the terms and conditions and let us unlock our bootloaders.

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    It would also be nice (helpful) if they hosted their system images for download so users can quickly re-flash to stock like all the other manufactures that provide bootloader unlocks.  Perhaps this has already been announced and I missed it. (EDIT-I see a possible link posted on XDA so this might not be an issue)

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    I can tell you right now that there will likely NEVER be an unlock option for the Zmax pro or any other carrier branded devices. The Axon series is a carrier unlocked and sold direct to consumers device unlike the other devices ZTE makes which are made for carries and with collaborations with them. Cricket and MetroPCs and tracphone and ATT go phone allow unlocked devices on there networks however I dont know of any carrier branded device that are sold through any of these carriers that is unlockable

  • Well I don't want to break your heart but according to XDA the Axon Pro is included in the unlocked bootloader offer. Unless you meant a different "pro".  Zte's naming standards suck.

    Bootloader Unlock Available for the ZTE Axon 7 and Axon Pro

  • I 2nd this motion and a prove its contents. Unlock the warp elite!

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