USB Connection Not Showing Properly

rczmaxprorczmaxpro Miami, FLPosts: 2

When phone is usb connected is not recognized by iTunes and when using Device Manager (W10) it shows up a "USB Mas Storage Device".

I have been trying to transfer some music files from my PC and iTunes and not able to do so with drag and drop as I have done before with another Android phone.

Here is and image of how it now shows up in DevMngr. When I first connected the phone it showed a little phone icon and the two memories in it.ZTE AS USB STORAGE DEVICE.PNG


  • musicdjmmusicdjm United StatesPosts: 3,124 mod

    When you plug in the cord are you using the included USB-c cable ? Also do you see the prompt pop up that asking charge only, install drive , connect as MTP device or camera device?

  • rczmaxprorczmaxpro Miami, FLPosts: 2

    Thanks for your reply.

    The answer is yes to each of your questions. At the pop up I have selected  connect as MTP drive and at another instance I have selected Install Drive.

    Should I Disable of Uninstall and reconnect via USB cable and Windows 10 or the phone will reinstall the driver?

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