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Good morning,

I was just wondering if anyone else with the ZTE Zmax Pro was experiencing any glitches in their phone when they play games or just doing regular things, also when I try to listen to music and I be on Instagram at the same time my music starts to cut out and sometimes even just cuts off all together. Are these major issues?

Thank you for your help!!!!



  • Hello I also own a ZTE ZMAX PRO and experience the same issues, I posted on this other thread and we are not the only ones. No one really knows why the glitching is occuring but hopefully ZTE fixes this on the upcoming update. By the way are you encrypted, me and this other guy are coming up with a theory.

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    Mine came encrypted by default. I thought all android M were encrypted by default? Anyhow, what upcoming update is there? I haven't heard anything about an update.

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    any updates on the issues you are having? Are they still happening?

  • Yeah all android M phones fast enough were encrypted by default by Google,

    Umm about the update, I personally and other guys from a different thread

    don't know anything about the update so we just have to wait and see what

    happens. Hopefully ZTE releases one soon because it's not fair to anyone

    who purchased a ZMAX Pro to be experiencing any kind of issues.

  • I am still experiencing glitches, I'm not sure why but I have a theory, I think it has something to do with "Draw Over Apps" and also I was reading a comment someone replied on this thread that if you have developer options turned on to turn them off and he said the screen glitching when away after he turned them off I tried this but my screen still glitches.

  • Yes they are still happening.

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    Let's figure this out....

    Do you have the ability to record your screen with another device and post it here for me to take a look?

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    can you give me some examples where you see the issue most prominent... is it within a certain app or is this happening all over the place?

    Do you have the ability to send me some a video showing me what's going on?

  • The glitching occurs when playing games mostly, I play Bullet Force and other small game like subway surfers. So i doubt it's just one specific game. Also it occurs when texting in Facebook's messenger and sometimes in YouTube. The glitching don't occur all the time it's only once in a while. And yes I'll record a video and see if I can catch some footage of my screen. I'm new to this site how would I send you the video afterwards ?

  • ZTE ZMAX pro Game Screen Pixelated | Android Forums

    If you go to this link you can see how other people are experiencing the same issues on a thread on Android Forums.

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    Thanks for pointing that out. Let me see what we can do to capture this issue. We may have a resource we can use to do so.

  • I have this same issue, and it's mainly prominent when I play "Angry Birds Epic". It's all over the place.

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    You can upload video in your reply by clicking on the icon that I've circled.


  • I have had my ZMax Pro for about a week and see this whenever I am watching videos or playing games as well. Any updates on this? I assume we have a 1 year warranty on the phone?

  • I experience some of the glitches as well. I just purchased the z981 to replace my Nexus 5 on short notice. I love this phone but the glitches can get annoying. I don't game very much, but I had read that this phone was pulled from stores in the past due to glitches. I can live with the amount I have experienced so far but it does not give me.confidence in the long term quality of the device. I mostly experience stuttering in YouTube, but have experienced visual 'tearing/flickering' in the web browser, play books, and even just saw some color banding briefly on the lock screen.

  • I'm experiencing the same on my z981 it's funny my z970 actually is a better phone than its successor also I've received all updates and nothing ever fixed my issues.

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    Hi ​  have you already updated to the latest build?  

  • I have zmax pro. I also have the solution to the screen glitch that occurs mostly while playing video games. I have had this problem since the day I bought my phone for Christmas. I have read blogs and I personally know people with the same phone. The problems seems like it's very common and widespread.

    Ok so before I tell you the fix, know that even though you might think it sounds ridiculous, it does work. This is NOT a joke. I am only posting this to help others with the same issue and maybe help in the process of  pinpointing the problem for the manufacturers whom don't seem to have any answers.

    I don't know why this works, but it does. First plug your charger cord into your phone. You can either plug the other end into a power source to charge the phone. Or take the other end and make contact with skin.

    That's it. Play games and enjoy the phone like it was meant to be.

    Please try it before you deny it. Last thing, make sure the contact with your skin is solid as you would any electrical or ground connection.

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    HHHHHmmmmm..... interesting.......  I'll have to try it once I have glitches.

    Thanks I will let you know if it works for me.

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    I am experiencing the glitches during gaming also, definitely taking makes it almost impossible to play games and enjoy it. Movement keeps getting stuck.

  • Please inform me of why my post was rejected? Now it says to "edit post and resubmit". I will be happy to do accommodate with this, however you have given me no indication of what you deemed inappropriate or offensive? The only communication I received was informing me that my post had positive feedback and that my post in fact helped at least two of your valued customers.

    My post was simply offering a possible temporary fix (work around) for a phone that has several bugs in addition to this apparent defect. It should probably be recalled. I am just as frustrated with this fact as everyone else who purchased this phone and is experienceing similar issues. I am further annoyed by the fact that not is ZTE not offering any solutions.

    If you are indeed working with us to find a solution, then why would you reject a post offering help, with no explanation?

    Thank you for your time, I look forward to your reply.

  • Sorry I forgot mention that my original post had been up for four days prior to being rejected. That is why I am especially confused why you would reject it now?

    I have read the post in question over and over trying to understand and figure out what you didn't like about it. I cannot for the life of me see anything that could possibly even be slightly misconstrued as inappropriate or offensive.

    I would very much like to accommodate with your requirements and repost it. I believe it was very helpful as was it's intent. However I am unclear on what if anything must be edited to satisfy your requirements?. The last thing I want is to have it rejected again or give you the impression that I don't wish to comply.

    Thanks again,

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    Zte knows exactly what's wrong. The are preparing for the zmax 2 so they using plausible deniability so they don't have to do anything. My only solution is do not purchase the zmax pro 2

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    Of course they know what's up. With all the problems that people are having left and right, I wouldn't be surprised if a class action suit is brought about, wink wink . They were just fined over A BILLION DOLLARS by the US Government. Karma has a way of dealing with companies like this that don't take care of their customers. Sit back a watch, this should be interesting!!!

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    All we can do at this point is to ensure this is our last purchase from zte. Let the z max pro 2 be a flop and send them a message

  • I've been having same problems with my phone's multi touchscreen. It does not want to respond I cannot zoom in and out of webpages or play games at all that require your touch input, sometimes it won't even notice one finger tap like when I click next or drag and drop items on the home screen. This is my ZTE zmax pro

  • Yes and to be completely honest with you I'm going to switch phones and carriers unless this gets fixed ASAP

  • Yes and I'm on b14 we need your help you are the only way this problem is going to be heard so your developer team can fix this please. I'm experiencing artifacts still (very little) screen static for about half a second, and for some reason my touchscreen doesn't respond half of the time either like when I use multi touch gestures and input. I know this phone can handle 10 finger touches at once so I don't know what the problem could be.

  • This can happen at any given time even in safe mode with cache wipe and hard reset.

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