Camera Issues [Please read]

I'm pretty sure it's not just my Axon 7, but I've noticed that the autofocus is terrible, and the OIS barely works. In both photo and video mode, if you even move slightly, it will need to refocus. When you're shooting video, this is awful. It always looks blurry. Also when taking video, I couldn't even tell the difference between having OIS on and off. Please fix this ASAP! Everything else about this phone is great, but the camera needs reworking!


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    All the stabilization only works with regular 1080p video rec. You can see this in the camera settings.

  • I think this is EIS toggle, the OIS i think is always on. I actually had a better more fluid vid with that toggle disabled. ​ can we get a clarification on this, because if the is OIS toggle, where is EIS and does that mean OIS will work only in 1080p and 720p 30fps x264 mode. The option wording and behavior is conflicting

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    Try selecting the "restore defaults" setting in the camera setting menu. I had the same issue as you and "restore defaults" seems to have fixed the problem. OIS should work in all modes, including 4K. EIS only works in video mode 1080p 30fps mode and below.

  • The OIS is definitely working. I can see the signs of OIS, but it is not very good.

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    Are you testing the OIS with walking, or filming stationary objects? The OIS can't perform wonders while walking. Not at the Axon 7 price point. I find it's stabilization to be acceptable for filming stationary objects. If I'm walking with it there is shake. No way around that unless you use a gimbal for stabilization while walking..

  • No, just moving the camera while in place.

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    Really? I just tested [email protected] with EIS disabled, and OIS looked really good.

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    Most phones have focus breathing, but the Axon 7's is really apparent and it constantly reacquires focus. Try long pressing when selecting focus until the little padlock icon switches to a locked position. This should lock focus if your shooting a static subject (or one with a constant distance away from the camera) and aren't moving much. Hope this helps with the auto-focusing issues.

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    I love all the features of  Axon 7 other than focus breathing. It keeps refocusing every time there is a motion, so annoying. A recommendation for all the user, use camera stabilizer. 
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    For the axon 7, OIS works in all modes, including 4K, but EIS is limited to 1080p. I personally use only 4K and in any smartphone I use, I disable EIS since EIS cannot correct for motion blur, thus if makes camera shake motion blur stand out more when you get the blur without the motion.

    One AF behavior that can cause issues in some situations, is the continuous auto focus when in situations where the camera may also experience motion blur, as that can trigger a re-focus event unnecessarily.

    The version of the ZTE camera app used in the axon 7 under android 8.1 does not offer an AF-S mode which is most useful in situations like that, thus the best option is to use another app to record when dealing with any potential motion blur.

    The best app I have found so far for this, is open camera (since it is free and has no ads).

    I created a tutorial for exactly this a while back.

    The on-demand focusing of Open Camera is similar to the AF-S or back button focus mode you may see on your DSLR when it is set to capture video. Since you choose when to allow the auto focus mechanism to function, you can trigger an AF event when the subject distance changes instead of when the camera app decided it wants to refocus.
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