Frozen, just the home screen buttons turn on

I just had this phone for about 2 weeks, I love it so much, but I just one problem with it. A couple of hours ago the speaker just started to buffer and then the phone turn off and then frozen but the home screen buttons are still on. I try to do the rest but it won't allow me to rest it. it just stays frozen, Should I just let the battery die or keep it charging? As well is this a serious problem? like would I be able to fix it or would I have to get another zte zmax pro? 


  • When you say you have tried to reset, what exactly have you tried?  If you hold the power button, it should force the phone to turn off.  Once off, If you wait for a few seconds and then turn back on, it should get you going again.  I wouldn't count on this being a problem as a major problem.  Like all software, there may be times here and there where something conflicts and causes things to freeze.  However, if this keeps happening, you might want to check that there isn't a certain program that was recently installed or anything like that which would be causing it.  If you still have this problem frequently when and verified that it isn't an incompatible app or something along that line, then there could be hardware issues.

  • I got the phone (zte zmax pro) today, and I have already had 3 instances of unresponsiveness at varying battery levels (60%, 20% and 98%). Pressing any of the buttons, fingerprints, power button, or plugging in the charger does nothing, and the screen remains off. Although, plugging in the charger lit the home button, but does nothing else. Only solution was hold the power button to restart the phone, and everything functions normally, until the next event. I have disabled multiple apps (e.g. Appstore, metrozone, nameid, lookout, and other android), and installed (IG, Pandora, and Spotify.) I believe everything was still enabled the first time it happened, and it happened  again when some apps disabled and all my apps installed. Anyone have similar problems? Solutions? Anything to lookout for Should I return the phone?

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      Have you tried clearing the clearing the device cache? This may help alleviate this issue.

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