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  • I stumbled upon thread by accident whilst awaiting my Axon to come through next week.

    Gotta say this app is really putting me off, to the point where I am thinking of returning this phone for a refund without opening the box.

    I dont understand why it requires so many permissions (reading text messages? Why?), or why "ZTE" isn't the official developer for it.

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    ZTE is the official developer behind the app. There is nothing to worry about. The developer name will be updated in due time.

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    Locking thread. Official answer has been given.

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    This app popped up on my Unlocked, USA/Newegg-purchased Blade V8 Pro as well. Sorry to revive this apparently-ancient, possibly dead thread, but this is HIGHLY alarming.

    * App is not in the Settings | Apps list. * App only showing in the Play Store as "installed." * App has been given extensive permissions (but not by me). * I do not recall the app being there before, and I have had this device for over a year. * Publisher is shown as "ZZte" with a super-suspicious email address. * Its Play Store ratings are completely zilch, with tons of complaints from reviewers. * ZTE basically orphaned this phone a long time ago, so why is this coming up now?

    I'm sorry, sshasan, but how are we to know this is legit in any way? It's not like we can verify a publicly-published checksum from ZTE, or anything like that. You say the official answer has been given, but, no offense, I don't know who you really are or whether to trust you.

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    @phonepain I'm not sure who you will believe then if an official ZTE channel and an employee have confirmed that this is indeed not malware.

    You are more than welcome to contact ZTE directly.

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    I understand the dilemma, and I admit I can be a bit paranoid. But in today's world, and with all the crucial, private information we store on our phones, I think you understand where I'm coming from.

    I was not aware that you were an employee. My apologies if that came off badly. It certainly doesn't mean I don't appreciate your great helpfulness on these forums... I definitely do!

    I've decided not to worry further. But it sure would still be a huge improvement if this app were updated with improved identifying features, as others here have suggested (a clearer publisher name, description, more legit (ZTE) help-contact email, etc.). That simple change alone, I think, would put thousands of people's minds at ease.

    Thanks again for responding. I realize I was tugging on a very old thread.

    EDIT: typo fix, and added "description" to suggested app listing fixes.

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