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Starting next week, we will be hosting weekly polls to engage mobile enthusiasts with simple yet thought-provoking topics! The focus will be on mobile features and functionality, and you simply need to vote once and then reply to justify your reasoning.

Furthermore, your Mod Squad will get together to decide on three winners per topic, approximately one week after the launch of each poll. Winners are selected based on several factors: logic of reasoning, clarity of justification, and number of "likes" for your comment. Lastly, winners will be thrown into a monthly drawing for prizes, including $50 gift cards and ZTE swag!

Stay tuned for our inaugural Bits And Bytes poll early next week!


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    Great idea!!

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    Can't wait for this, love sharing my thoughts about mobile devices

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    Love this idea.  Well done Mod Squad!

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    Looking forward to Bits and Bytes!

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    Sounds like a lot of fun. Looking forward to it.

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    Sounds intriguing.

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    Love the enthusiasm! Be sure to jump on the first topic!

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    Polls are a good thing!!!!  lets get started!!!!

  • Awesome can't wait to get started. Love taking random pictures and if I can get to my camera without opening my camera app and waiting for it. I can get GREAT pictures at the right moment. I hate waiting and missing the perfect shot.

  • I schi ayu that ZTE model is convenient in terms of use. I am encouraged by the camera on the device that the front, which is the case. The quality is excellent, I think it's just unique for your phone. Especially like button for selfie. It would be good to develop in Dolny use. I am a lover of music upset that my speaker T6 model 30 is small, that is, I would naturally want to enjoy the music in the form of an open-Bollee. In my opinion it would be better to add a variety of colors to ponel. After all, when the colors of a pronounced and even more for every taste, and the sale will be numerous .. What more wanted to point out is the lack of headphone set. I believe that this phone should be at least a suitable headset, which would also transfer the sound frequency. Good quality as seen in the photo and, in this regard, a special thank you. The menu features plenty, because if not enough is usually interesting people download their program. And so I phone completely satisfied and would like to see how the stores this phone standing next to iPhones, but at an affordable price)

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    Sounds like a great idea!

  • vldvld Denver, COPosts: 25

    I like this idea.

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