Text messaging problems Zmax Pro & Metro PCS



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    ​, here are a few different APN settings you could try from MetroPCS if you wish. Not sure it will help:


  • Thank you for your suggestion..but I did try that already...but seriously

    thanks anyways..have a nice day

  • Didnt help, my phone is already default set at those, again error code says -1 when text is not sent don't know what that means but hopefully that's helpful for you all to figure out what the problem is, I'm thinking it's the phone not the service because I didn't have any problems with my other one.

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    Ugh, wish I could have helped both of you more, ​ and ​ !

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    ​ I don't believe it is actually the phone causing the issue. If you google your error code, I see many claiming it is issues with Verizon and I see others saying other carriers.Obviously that isn't the issue as your carrier is Metropcs. I am still trying to pin down what the code could be.

  • I have recently had to replace my phone with an Insurance replacement due to the charging port breaking in my other phone.  After receiving the replacement, I immediately noticed this issue repeating with the new phone, however, this time it was much worse.  The phone worked okay for a couple days, then the issue started up again, at first it was just after a few hours it would do it and I would have to restart.  It then because every time I tried to send a text it would do it again and I would have to restart my phone.  This was killing me, having to restart the phone for every text that I wanted to send......I don't know for sure what it is that is doing it, but it's not the phone and it's not MetroPCS.  I downloaded Google's Text app called "Messenger" this isn't the Facebook one, this one is put out by Google and it's very similar to other apps they have such as "GMail" and things like that.  Since putting this app on and using it instead of "Messaging" that is on the phone from the factory and being the default that is installed when you turn on the phone, this app has worked flawlessly.  Not once have I had an issue getting this app to send or receive texts.  I think it is something with the default app that is causing the problem.  There are many 3rd party apps out for sending SMS messages and I am pretty confident that any of those would work well as a replacement and correct whatever issues are being caused by the default app that is installed on the phone.

  • ZTE has a problem with their stock messaging app and it is not exclusive to T-Mobile / Metro PCS. I had the exact same issue on Cricket wireless with a ZTE Grand X3.

    I agree completely with the previous post. Google Messenger has completely resolved my SMS/MMS issue of "Sending" but never sends.

    Google just updated their Messenger app as well and it's a big improvement. I think it's much better than the stock ZTE messaging app anyways. Just my opinion.

    Messenger - Android Apps on Google Play

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    i'm going to give google messenger a whirl. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • You really won't be disappointed.  Like stated above, I think the application is great and I even like it better then the one ZTE provided.

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    Thanks for the info everyone! I'm a fan of Textra myself, been using it for years, but as mentioned, there are many good apps out there.

  • Thanks for that info, I thought it was the phone and not Metropcs, exactly what I was trying to tell them. Smh

  • My apologies for stepping on your thread, but for anyone switching to the  "New" Google Messenger to resolve the aforementioned texting issues. Here is some good info on the recent update.

    RCS is going live for some Google Messenger users, enabling "enhanced features" for messaging

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    Sticking with google messenger and not looking back. Although I shouldn't have been forced there in the first place. Only wish I could change the background on each thread, can I ?

  • You can change the color per contact....

  • I have had the same problems with my ZTE ZMAX PRO as many others here with the text messaging not working or sending 2-4 messages or just sitting there "sending" and having to restart my phone 5-10 times a day to get it working. Also when it is in this locked up state, I don't receive any messages and they are usually lost when I do restart phone and it starts working again. I went to METRO PCS and they replaced my phone and my SIM card with new phone and new SIM card and problem still remained the same. I have been back to their store more times then I can count and still no fix. I've have had this problem since I first got the phone back in August of 2016 and METRO PCS has done all the tricks listed here to try and fix it and it still is the same. It is definitely a software issue I think with their text messenger app and I have followed the advice  from several on here and disabled the factory messenger app and installed one from the play store and so far so good. I'M using TEXTRA..I will post tomorrow if it works since the old app messed up 20 times a day so if I make it through this day it will be fixed. I have had no other problems with this phone except that and I hope it is now fixed....Will post tomorrow if all is well...stay tuned...

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    Take it back to the store, and tell them you want to warranty it out. I just swapped out two of them.

    The new ones work much better, although there is still room for improvement. It really should perform better than it does. I'm not having network issues, or problems with the screen anymore.

  • After using the TEXTRA texting app for 2 days, I no longer have the problems I have had with texting so it definitely is a software problem with ZTE's texting software. I properly could take the phone back a second time but the new texting app I downloaded is working fine and I don't have any other issues with the phone at all. Also I hear there will be a ZTE ZMAX PRO update in the near future and that might fix the factory installed texting app. So anyone having that "sending problem" or the other text related problems, download another texting app from play store and disable factory installed texting app and you will be fine. I wish I had know this from the beginning.

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    Textra is a great messaging app, ​. I'm glad you found a workaround for now. 

  • Well I can't believe I'm writing this.  Im having the same issue as the op.  Msg not going out at all, unless I reboot the phone.

    I've clean the app and system cache,  no available unless reboot phone.

    And yes, the native msg and (I'm using) textra both doesnt work.

    Is there a fix/ update yet?

    This is so frustrating,  the phone is only 2 weeks old and I cant do a exchange becuase there is not a single corporate metroPCS around me.

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    Swapping my phone out was what fixed mine. I haven't seen any confirmation that they are even planning on updating this phone at all.

  • I have actually decided to make the switch to Apple.  I had been deciding this for a long time, but after having these issues and not hearing any news of fixes coming out or anything like that I have decided to make the switch.  This was made after getting my iPad and seeing a benefit of having an iPhone to go with it.  I did like the phone, but this became really annoying.  Switching the app did appear to work, but again, after deciding to go with Apple I have made the switch.  My son did get this ZMax Pro and it seems to be working pretty good for him as well, but with that being said, I did get the google messenger app installed for him to keep it from giving him the same issue.

  • Zin, I don't blamed you. This ZTE is nothing but problem from the get go. And I'm running out of patience with them about the update fixes. (if that's even the plan)

    Btw, are you on tmobile? Have you mess with the apn settings?

  • No, I'm not with T-Mobile.  I get a better deal staying with MetroPCS so I am still with Metro.  I got the phone through them and everything with this phone is rock solid.  I'm actually quite impressed with what Apple has done and feel the phone is a great step.  I didn't want to make the switch before because I wasn't really impressed with their iOS, and after having an iPhone for work, just still didn't see it.  However, after the iOS 10 update, I feel they stepped in the right direction and that is when I decided to make the leap.  I am really not sorry I did!

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    Good luck ​ . Wish we could have kept you here.

  • Can you (or anybody else at ZTE) keep me from leaving too?

    I rebooted my phone 6 times already today. I spoke to a Tmo rep today and the apn settings is correct.

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    Hey ​, I don't know too much about the Zmax Pro. Have you tried a third party messaging app from the Play Store such as Textra at all?

  • Hi,  hollap

    Yup, I sure did.  First,  I use the (in order) native msg app, textra, and then google msg.

    I mean they work for a while then randomly just not send and stuck in "sending".  For it to send I have to clean cache or reboot the phone.

    I checked apn with a tmo rep and i even did a factory reset.  =(

    Any suggestions? Anybody?

    Please help.  TIA

  • I have the new Z981 and it won't send texts or receive them unless I constantly reboot the phone. It is new and I am not a fan. I had the old Z phone and needed a phone that my Bluetooth in the new car could read the texts. I am taking it back. My 17 year old has the same phone, bought his with mine and he does not have the problem.  Just me. I am really hating this phone. Sorry, but it's the truth. I have Metropcs and I think it's the phone, not them. Some of you said getting a new one helps, some say it doesn't. I tried different messaging apps and it does the same thing. Ugh. Any other ideas? Thank you.

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    Hey everyone, wondering if you could all try something for me.  When you are ready to send your text messages, please use this method:

    - use the stock messenger

    - prepare your text as normal

    - when ready to send, click the menu button in the upper right hand corner

    - Click send from the menu

    Please let us know the results you receive from this method.  Thanks!

  • Mizkatie, I have the exact same problem you are having. If you just bought the phone do take it back for a exchange immediately. 

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