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  • I try it and no it did not work. Thanks for you input but even if this work it doesn't resolve the issue with receiving text msgs.

    I can't handle this anymore. Is so frustrated (two weeks old phone), logging into gmail (2 steps verification) I have to wait overs hours (or have google resend the code) before getting in my mail.

    Unless there's a patch/ update, I'm switching back to my old phone for now.

    Here's screen shot of the msg coming in all at the same time (numbers represent the time sent)

  • Did not work. No messaging apps work. Constantly rebooting is not an option. I am taking the phone back. Probably getting a different phone. It is the phone as my son, 17, has the same phone and the provider. I am over this.

  • It is going back. I am sick of it. Either a new one or different phone manufacturer.

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    Thanks for the input, everyone.  I will let the mod team know.

  • If anybody still have this problem, I have found (google + person suggested) a temporary fix for this is to turn off

    LTE and use 4G. It has been working for me for the past two days.

    Under Mobile Network, Preferred Network Type, pick LTE off then reboot phone and it should work.

    If there's still problem you might have to turn off wifi and location (reboot) temporary until there's a patch from MetroPCS.

    (Tmo came out with the patch today it seem to fixes the issue altogether.)

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    Have any of you Metro customers tried to reach out to Metro since T-Mo got their update?  Just wondering if you've heard anything or not.

  • I've talked to a couple of representatives over the past couple of weeks through Metro's Facebook page, they all say they don't know anything about an update. I messaged them again yesterday hoping they might have some info now that T-Mobile is rolling out their patch, I'm still waiting for a response

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    Thanks for the info ​. I feel for all of you Metro customers, and hope they are working on a fix.

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    A new update is available for us Metro Folks. Installing now, hope it fixes this problem, but i'm sticking with google messaging anyway

  • Updated yesterday and yes it will fix your msg issue. (At least my did.)

    Good luck!

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    Wouldn't it have been nice for Metro to let you know that an update was coming?

  • I have a new phone coming. There is something wrong with mine. That's what the IT  guy said.  

  • I downloaded the ZTE update yesterday but was forced to reset my phone in order for it to take affect, it will not INSTALL it unless you reset phone, bummer but had everything backed up to Google so it was more of an inconvenience setting it all back up again. So far the text messaging problem is gone but I will see if it makes it through the day and if it does then it is finally fixed. It really sad that it took Metro PCS and ZTE so long to fix these problems and admit there were software issues with the new ZTE ZMAX PRO. I'm sure they knew there were problems with the phone when they started receiving complaints and people were returning phones, including from me more times then I count. Lets see if this is the end of them.

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    Good luck,  , and let us know your results after some usage.

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    Mine installed without a factory reset, but I was having network issues until I did one. I was losing the LTE connection about every other web page, until I rebooted the phone. The factory reset seems to have resolved it.

  • Someone else posted in the forums that to get the text messages to read through your car's entertainment system/audio to go into settings, then click cellular network, then under preferred network type, shut LTE off and select LTE Off (automatic 4G/3G/2G).  I am happy to say that it worked.  My phone is now integrated int my car and is now reading and sending text messages by using the button on my steering wheel.  I had called ZTE tech support twice and they told me that the phone didn't have that feature.  I thought that made no sense since it's a new phone.  I am thankful for whomever posted the fix.  Works like a charm.

  • How do I get the update?

  • Go into about phone. On top is System Updates. Click it. It will ask if you

    wish to update. Click yes then okay to update. And there you go.

    On Wednesday, November 30, 2016, countryman1 <[email protected]>

  • It has been two days since I uploaded the update and reset my phone and all seems to be well, text is working fine and there are no glitches at all. I finally don't hate my phone. I hope the update fixes everyone's problems. Good luck.

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    Good to hear ​!

  • Every time I have had this issue where it would not send a text. I would just dial a phone number let it ring on my end once and it will send message. Try this instead of rebooting phone if problem persists

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    I had recently tried out other apps for messaging since the stock app was sending blurry photos.

    I go back to stock every few days to see if the issue is resolved through chance changes and cache wipes.  Photos are no longer blurry, but MMS takes several minutes to send.  I have tried reducing the quality from Original to Best Available to 75 and further down.  On and off wifi and/or network, VoLTE on and off.  No changes or success.  They will eventually send, but I have never had issues like this before.

    Is this a T-mobile network issue or ZTE equipment issue?

  • I have had the z981 for a few months now and haven't had any significant issues like this one. I would like to offer a some suggestions for you all.

    If you have an SD card in your phone be sure to remove all application data from it and perform a factory reset on the device.

    If you are using the SD card as extended internal memory try not doing that to see if it helps.

    Download the app Clean Master and use it to clean the device of any junk files.

    Go into settings and check for an update. There was one released just last week. Download and install it if you don't have it.

    Try removing your SD card before all of this and using the device like normal and see if it might be something to with the SD card (only applies if you are using one)

    For sending MMS I have personally only had an issue if trying to send pictures or files when on WiFi. Switching to carrier network works for me.

    If nothing seems to work for you it might be a corrupt OS installation where the original package in the bootloader is somehow corrupt resulting in factory resets not fixing anything in which case you need a replacement device. If you have warranty/insurance with your carrier use it. If not you can still try and see if they'll help you out anyways under the manufacturer warranty.

  • I too have this same issue.  Any assistance to this annoying occurrence would be greatly appreciated. By the way.... Where's Android 7.1 update for ZTE ZMax Pro?

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      Which carrier do you have and what is your current build number?

    Build # can be found by going into Settings ---- About Phone --- Build Number

  • I am with MetroPCS and my build number is z981v1.0.0b12

    Also, ZTE has stated that there will be a nougat update for the Zmax pro but we will have to wait them to release it to the service providers and then wait for the service providers to make modifications to it and then release it to us.

  • Sorry Sshasan thought you were talking to me.

  • ZTE has stated that there will be a nougat update for the Zmax pro but we will have to wait them to release it to the service providers and then wait for the service providers to make modifications to it and then release it to us.

  • MetroPCS. Build number in screenshot. Thanks.

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