Share your Axon 7 homescreen!

I use Nova launcher for customization. Imo, the Marshmallow icons really give my axon 7 a nexus-like vanilla android feel, so I am using google messenger for text messaging, and google calculator for looks as well as the functionality they offer. The Marshmallow icons are from Nova settings.Screenshot_2016-09-12-21-05-42.jpgScreenshot_2016-09-12-20-45-17.jpg



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    My Main Homescreen


    The productivity page on the Home screen


    The Page occupied by Google News and Weather. Honestly i use this page the least.

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    Made possible by Noval Launcher, Backdrops, and Stealth icon pack. Shot out to Flossy Carter for bringing Beautiful widgets to my attention for the clock widget.

  • I must say, that Stealth Icon Pack is pretty tempting.  Will have to think on that for a bit.  We also happen to have the same exact Google News-Weather set-up


    Home Screen



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    Nice to see someone still using the Quick settings widget.

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  • Clean and simple. Using whicons icons and action launcher 3. The app drawer is to the left but its nothing special.


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    What do widget do you use for the time?

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    How do you take screenshots with the Axon 7?

  • Go into 'All settings", scroll to "Gestures and motions", then toggle the "Three finger pinch for a screen shot" setting. I haven't used it myself but give it a try. There may be other apps in the Play Store as well.

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    If you have Mi-pop enabled you can hold the button until the screen shot

    option appears.

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    You can also press power and down volume simultaneously and it takes a screen shot.

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    Quick shot of my homescreen.


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    What is that app to the right of YouTube?

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    Stitcher.  It's a podcast utility I use to listen to podcasts. It was recommended to me by ​, and as always he made a great recommendation. My local sports radio station saves their broadcasts to stitcher so I can listen to them when I run and not have to use any streaming data.

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    Don't forget about Amazon Music. If you have a Prime membership you can download thousands of "prime" songs (via Wi-Fi) to your device and not have to use your data while at the gym or going for a run.…

  • I didn't know you could download the music and save it to your device on prime. Is that a new thing or its been out for a while?

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    It has been the case ever since I have been a member for about a year or so at least. The "prime" music is free, others you pay for but regardless you can download them to your device and listen to them in your "offline library". The same goes for Amazon Video. You can download "prime" tv and movies to your device and watch later with out using your data.  

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    No Amazon Prime for me.  My son pays for spotify so I latch on to his account when I need to.   Most of my music I already have anyway.

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    I don't see Amazon Prime as a win due to their lack of options. But their Kindle and Movies services are great. I wanna start a Prime account but that 2 day shipping is gonna entice me to spend when I need to save.

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    Here is mine.


  • How do you get your SS on here?  I've got one I'd like to post but the mobile site doesn't seem to have an option.  And emailing myself the pic just to extract and post is too much work.  I'm lazy hehe

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    Try emailing the ss via a reply. If you see this pic then it will works.

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    catalana wrote:Go into 'All settings", scroll to "Gestures and motions", then toggle the "Three finger pinch for a screen shot" setting. I haven't used it myself but give it a try. There may be other apps in the Play Store as well.

    Duh, I had forgotten about that!  I kept mine turned off since I play a lot of games on my phone.


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    Hey Guys!!!  Love all the home screen pics keep them coming and when you're done head on over to the Beta Lab and fill out a brief survey for a chance to become a Beta tester!! The new Beta Project is code named "Mercury" and should be out of this world!!! 

    "We are currently recruiting for ZTE Smartphone Beta Project "Mercury".  There are a limited number of spots to fill so please answer the questions honestly.  The Qualification Survey is located here: Beta Application Survey​ "

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    My essentials to run on the daily


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    ​Experimenting with some new apps

  • Thanks! Its cool to see everyone's setup for sure!

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    I use a lot of folders on my home screen and two more screens for the calendar widget and some other widgets for music,  etc.

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