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Hi folk, it's a pleasure to be the first to welcome you to Z-Community - I'm Peter Shih, typing out this intro from sunny SoCal. Prior to settling down in Orange County just last month, I had lived in Boston, MA for nearly 20 years. And prior to that, I had split time between North Potomac (MD), Taipei (Taiwan), Tokyo (Japan), and Cincinnati (OH). Aside from moving a whole bunch, some of my biggest enjoyments in life include traveling, cruising, eating ice cream, and keeping up with anything mobile related.

Regarding my professional life, I am currently on the Z-Community Team, supporting our efforts to create a vibrant community of fans and mobile enthusiasts. Prior to ZTE, I held leadership positions in business development, community management, and product management at various tech companies. And long before all that, I had studied electrical engineering and worked at a semiconductor company as an applications engineer. In a nutshell, I was born a mobile enthusiast and love everything about mobile. Don't judge me, but I had most available versions of the Casio calculator watches growing up, and continue to geek out with everything mobile & tech!

I am particularly excited about this new site and am committed to the engagement and enrichment of our community. There are many exciting programs we have in store for you, and we look forward to your interactions with us and with each other. So now that you've lasted this long in reading my intro, I invite you to share a few words or paragraphs about yourself!



  • frodriguez2010frodriguez2010 Enterprise Tech Support Engineer TexasPosts: 1,874 ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hello My name is Fernando Rodriguez and I am typing this from my place of employment in Round Rock Texas.

    Thank goodness for a break as this cubicle is getting stuffy.  Lol!  Anyway, i guess i am like the normal Joe geek. i say geek as i like gadgets, electronics, and some off the wall things.

    I travel from time to time mostly through the lower United States from Texas to California but the furthest up California Ive been is to Sacramento and that was only to get to Tahoe by way of Vegas. Yeah i took the scenic route.  I do frequent Louisiana and Oklahoma for my gambling problem.  Lol! Not really, but everyone I speak to about the casinos assume that.  They don't know that that is an adult day care with a great places to eat.

    I am an enthusiast who after several years, decided to take my love of technology seriously.

    I'm originally from a small city in south Texas called Corpus Christi. in my 30's I decided to move to a few miles north and ended up in San Antonio where I continued my education at ITT Tech.  I know, I know, ITT but it was the best thing at the time after being a nurse and having to do a career change.  I lived there for about a decade and work for RackSpace subsidy and later independent company ServerBeach which then turned into Peer1, until the opportunity came for I to move to Round Rock. Now at a major company (those in the industry will know which company) I have learned some other aspects of business and the ever changing dynamic technology.

    I have mentioned many times how I got into handheld devices so I'll spare those of you who know the story.  Lets just say through trial and error I learned how to root, switch ROMs, TWRP, ClockworkMod and how to flash somewhat.

    There is still a lot I don't know and I am always looking to expand that knowledge. Because of where I am employed, I also like to spread knowledge.  I'm from the train of thought that if you give a person a fish, they eat for a day, but if you teach them how to fish, they will eat for a lifetime.  So lets begin with making This brand bigger and better.  I am excited about the possibilities.  Lets deliver the Zest Through Engagement.

    YouTube Channel

    My Blog

  • Hi, My name is Daniel and i love technology. I have participated in a bunch of Betas and am always looking for the next big thing. I always modify the technology i am using to best suit my needs and am always looking for an easier or better way to do things. Looking forward to getting to know you guys, and being able to (hopefully) test out some new products from ZTE

  • Hi, My name is Carwin, the name is from the bible. I love technology and gadgets, I cannot imagine my life without them. I am always the one who people come to for advice because if its new I usually have it

  • barbackerleybarbackerley Tomah, WIPosts: 1

    Hello and thanks for this opportunity!

    My name is Barb Ackerley, and I am somewhat new at beta testing - but the few that I have tested I've enjoyed immensely.  Thanks for inviting me here!

  • Hi, my name is Jessica and I enjoy beta testing all sorts of things. I work in HR for a machine tool sales company. Besides beta testing, I enjoy movies, knitting/crocheting, and hanging out with my family.

  • hey my name is jake, and I'm a tech / video production enthusiast! i love making videos with my semi professional video equipment, and would really like to start my own tech review youtube channel! i am going to start working on this video competition right now! good luck everybody!

  • jeffbxjeffbx MichiganPosts: 6

    Hi, I'm Jeff and I'm also a tech geek.

    I buy tablets and laptops like other people buy ties... I don't even recall how many different tablets I have today, but I'm still on the lookout for new models.
    I'm also a smartphone enthusiast - if it doesn't meet my needs, I'll root it and modify it until it does.

    I've been in IT for more years than I care to admit, and I'm familiar with hardware, software and usability testing.  I hope to be able to lend a bit of my expertise to improving some new products.

  • Hello! My name is Noel and enjoy learning and testing new equipments and products to help companies improve and better the products.

  • Winston Salem NCPosts: 2

    Hi all, Karen here from NC. I've successfully completed tons of beta tests through other companies and looking forward to the same with ZTE. Glad to be invited here!

  • cavanaughtimcavanaughtim Madison, Wisconsin, USAPosts: 581 ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi, I'm Tim from Madison, Wisconsin, USA. Beta testing is a hobby of mine, and I've done one test with ZTE. I'm looking forward to seeing this community take shape.

  • hiker75hiker75 FloridaPosts: 108

    Hi, I'm Nirav.. from the very hot state of Florida (Gainesville to be exact), where it feels almost 100 degrees right now.  I have run a tech company for the past 12 years as it's much more fun working from home than making somebody else money.  I've been into tech for many years, and always looking for the next coolest gadget.  I am an avid Android user for mobile devices and Windows user for PC's.

    My devices:

    For mobile devices we have the Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, and S7, the Google Fi Nexus phone, and the LG G3.

    For Tablets and such, I have the Galaxy Pro and the Venue by Dell as well as a couple of kindles

    As for PC's, I have 6 laptops/desktops that are Windows based, 1 iOS mac mini, and a linux server

    I also just purchased the Raspberry Pi 3

  • Hey guys. I'm Sanket and I'm a Computer Engineering / Business student at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor. For most of my life, I have lived in MA and have been testing and developing ROMs / OS distros for a variety of devices (Android / Linux / etc.) along with testing various products for companies like Google, MS, etc. Looking to help out in new product testing and send some unboxings my way!

  • lorikittylorikitty CaliforniaPosts: 3

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Laura Flores and I'm here in sunny California hoping it'll rain some more since we're in the middle of a drought. I've lived here all of my life except for a short stint in Florida (don't move there if you're asthmatic). My hobbies include tormenting my children with terrible jokes, gaming (console, PC & Android), writing, reading, drawing, and sharing most of those activities with my family.

    My professional life is more on the technology/geeky side. I've been a tier 3 support agent for two different hardware companies from 2008 until the present. Prior to Tier 3 support I did my time in the Foodservice/Store associate industry for half a dozen companies. I've also written, drawn, and published six children's books under a pseudonym.

    Aside from the gaming and other things that eat up my free time, I also love to flash ROMs and try out cool apps. TWRP is easy-mode - I'm pretty handy with fastboot and adb sideload, too.

  • Hello from unpredictable Pennsylvania! My name is Jered and I'm a network security analyst for a large hospital system. My day to day job entails keeping hackers and malicious users out of our network and keeping patient data confidential. I've participated in many betas in the past and I hope my contributions have lead to improvements in the end product. I look forward to working with you all and hope to make this product the best it can!

  • Hello, My name is Blake.  I am a 40 yr old IT Director in Missouri.  I love new technology and testing products.  The fact that what I say can impact how a products is created is a true thrill for me.  I have been a part of several Beta tests in the past and look forward to being a part of many more in the future.

  • Hi, My name is Jason.  Originally from England, I moved to the USA 16 years ago for a temporary placement and decided to stay a while longer!  I now live in DFW Texas. I am a tech enthusiast.  I am always looking for new technology that will simplify my life.  I am an electronic design engineer and very critical of tech design and function. If something doesn't work as expected, I want to know why.  If it can't be fixed I will look for alternative that will do what I want. I have successfully completed three beta tests, and hoping to do more.

  • eminayeminay Tempe, AZPosts: 26

    Hi Peter

    I'm eminay. I'm a web developer and a lifelong learner. I am working on a doctorate involving data mining and user interfaces. I also have an itch to try all the gagdets I see and find what they do well and use them to their advantage and be aware of what they do not do well.

    I have beta tested hardware and software and love the cutting edge stuff, but also, again, finding usefulness in entry level devices because I know there are people who may very well fit the devices. I'm the person people turn to when they need advice on what to buy and I always take their use cases into consideration. I am not one to blindly recommend something because it's something I like, or is the hot item, but what works for others (and price is usually important, too).

    I'm happy to be here and look forward to participating in the community.

  • Hello!

    My name is Larry but on the interwebs I go by Gungizmo.  I am a father of 3 techno kids and husband to a nerd in training wife.  I have been in the tech field for almost 19 years in various roles from designer to coder.  I am currently working for a Fortune 200 company as a quasi graphic designer.  My motto in life is "Make it pretty" and "User interface is the key to success".  I live both of those in my digital and personal life.

    I am happy to be part of this new community.  ZTE makes some really cool and cost effective gadgets.  Being a father of 3...I am always looking for cost effective gadgets.



  • bjwhite211bjwhite211 Wichita, KS, USAPosts: 13

    Hello all, my name is Bert White and I'm posting from Wichita, KS. I've grew up around technology all of my life and still have found memories of my first computer experiences talking my dad into loading games on the Commodore 64 because I could never remember the commands to load the games when I was 6ish heheh. Now a days I still love following the advancements of technology such as 3D printing and all of the new amazing features manufacturers find to cram into mobile devices. I work from home providing IT consultation services, have numerous IT certifications including ComTIA's A+ and Network+, and have participated in many open and closed beta tests throughout the years for companies ranging from Activision to Microsoft to Netgear and have fallen in love with testing products to see the new features and provide input on ways to enhance products for the general public to enjoy.

  • tmartintmartin Columbus, OhioPosts: 1

    Hey there everyone! My name is Tyler. I'm from the Columbus, Ohio area. I'm a bit of a tech addict. I love to beta test and give feedback because I love to make things better.

  • I'm Ken, I love Beta testing. I love making things more "Ken" friendly if I can. I also love finding odd ways of making extra cash. I feel like new technology can help me do that so I'm for trying anything that will make things easier and that can open up new possibilities and opportunities.

  • rhordrhord Grafton MassPosts: 1

    Hi, My name is Ryan. Since I started walking, I have been interested in technology. Playing with audio receivers, TV's, home automation (x10 back in the day). I live outside of Boston. I work for BMW as a master diagnostic tech. I mainly deal with the electrical and communication issues on the BMW cars. Some of my hobbies (too many to list all), would be home automation (I automated my entire house from the lights, thermostats, water sensors, door sensors, home theater, and even a automated horn to trigger every time my cat would go into the plants and dig the dirt on the carpet. (she doesn't do it anymore) I am currently working on a automated bbq smoker with the raspberry pi. I have been getting into raspberry pi builds. I am also a home theater fan. Currently running dolby 7.2 atmos with klipsch reference premier setup (custom built av rack with stand alone cooling system). Photography, Anything with driving. Currently my garage queen is my 2013 BMW m3. Bought it new but only put 3100 miles on it. I don't have a lot of free time since my daughter was born. I also ride atvs. I have a 2006 Raptor 700 I bought new, modified intake, exhaust, reprogrammed and added an 02 sensor for monitoring. I am involved in quite a few beta tests and have been for a few years. I enjoy new product testing and finding ways to make it work with other platforms. I was able to get my insteon light switches to work with Philips hue lighting. dimming functions and all. Just a lot of script to write. I look forward to the next best thing and am pleased I received the invite. Sorry for the long rant.

  • Hello, I'm Tim and I look forward to beta testing. I've alpha and beta tested a variety of electronics, computer hardware, and computer software for the past 25 years, off and on. I currently have 3 android phones in my rotation for personal use and, less often, for work. Cheers all!

  • Hey Everyone,

    My name is Sha and I am a Training Coordinator for a large NYC based non-profit. My life doesn't run unless Technology embraces every facet of it. I enjoy doing Betas, surveys, samplings, and trying new and exciting things. Professionally, I plan to pursue a PhD in a year Overall I plan to continue immersing myself in all things tech, social activism, and giving my honest opinion (whether you ask for it or not!).

    Looking forward to participating in this forum!

  • DoppelgangerDDoppelgangerD USA Posts: 943 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hello ZTE peeps!
    So excited to possibly have an opportunity to work with some of your products.
    I have to admit that I have never used a ZTE product, so this may be a great chance to get to know the ZTE way.

    I have done quite a bit of participation and beta testing with similar products, as well as in other fields of technology.
    It is my hobby so I spend a lot of time with my tech devices, including phones, tablets, home a/v equipment, Bluetooth speakers and more.

    I'm also married with 2 kids, so all of that takes up most of my time, but I always find time for my tech hobbies.

    Looking forward to interacting with the community and with ZTE.

  • Hello, My name is Kourtney! We are currently living in Ohio with hopes of moving soon. We are a very active family and love to travel.

    I tend to keep up to date with technology, as least for things we use in the household. I currently volunteer and just finished my degree in Early Childhood Education. Thanks for the community invite!

  • grimofdoomgrimofdoom Washington, USAPosts: 2

    I am Timothy Leitzke. I'm a year out of high schools with self taught skills in electrical engineering, software development (Python,C,C++,C#, and whatever type of C Arduino used- I forgot), game development, and 3D animation/modeling. Did 2 years of basically learning to design buildings and their blueprints during high school. I learn skills oddly fast, and can forget names even faster.

  • eminuseminus Pacifica CAPosts: 21

    Hi folks, I am Erik Hartley from Pacifica, CA.  I am passionate about technology and recently had the opportunity to be one of 20 beta testers selected to test the HTC Vive and Steam VR software for Valve Software For a few months before launch.  In my day job, I manage a team that does a lot of quality assurance testing as well so I am well versed in providing meaningful feedback if any issues arise.

    I love my smartphone and have amassed quite the collection over the past decade or so as new features have me adopting new phones pretty frequently.

    I look forward to entering the unboxing contest and engaging with the community in the months ahead.

  • Hello, I'm Kevin. I'm a student, studying Japanese. I've always been interested in technology and hope to do technical translation in the future. I love seeing what innovations are coming up in the tech world, and consider myself an Android geek. I have messed around with flashing TWRP and custom ROMs, except my Nexus which I kept stock, just flashing TWRP for the enhanced backup/restore options. I've never been part of a hardware beta test, but hopefully by joining this community I'll have a chance to!

  • afd359afd359 Pasadena, MDPosts: 1

    Hello!  My name is Doug and I'm a Career Fire Lieutenant who is a tech fan.  I mainly have an apple ecosystem with multiple iPhones (work and persona) as well as several iPads, Windows tablet, MacBook Pro and mac mini.   I offer the ability to test out products under extreme conditions due to the nature of my job and having three small kids.  I look forward to helping out!

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