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  • Hello, my name is JC. I am very interested in technology and make my days by finding out the new products released. I like to test out new devices and give feedback. I have been wanting to do more beta testing.

  • Hi, I'm Corey! I'm very fond of technology and gadgets both new and old. Whether it's something for multitasking like a tablet or a dedicated device to give the ultimate experience in one particular use like a Kindle, I enjoy them all.

    I am also a huge fan of testing products because it often enables me to test a product I otherwise would never have thought to try. A good example of this is a Roomba I tested a year ago. I always had a negative preconceived notion about Roombas, likely due to their high price tag, but after testing one for a month I now have a greater understanding and appreciation for them.

    ZTE is a very competitive brand and I've had good experiences with their products in the past. Hopefully I get the opportunity to test some of their new ideas, if not I'll enjoy this new and fun tech community anyways.

  • matlobimatlobi Twin CitiesPosts: 16


    My name is Matt, and I currently live in a suburb of Minneapolis, MN.

    Like so many others, I am hopelessly addicted to technology. Not only mobile tech, but automotive, audio visual, computer, etc, etc. Basically, if it is technological in any way, I'm in to it. I've been a part of a few ZTE betas, as well as betas from various other "gadget" companies.

    My main hobbies are, in no particular order; reading, writing, movies and tv, cars and car culture, and mobile devices. My most eclectic hobby is collecting and fixing vintage watches, primarily from Timex, Bulova, Casio and Seiko.

    Thank you for allowing me to be a member, and I look forward to participating and lending a hand in any way I can.

  • scarltsmmyscarltsmmy Atlanta, GA areaPosts: 1


    I am Denise Elrod from the Atlanta, GA area. I don't work, but have started beta testing recently and love it!

    I have an LG G2 phone which I love.

    I have a desktop computer, laptop, Acer tablet, Kindle Fire, and a couple of smart products (plugs...).

    I'm looking forward to being a part of the ZTE community!

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi,  my name is Jennifer and I grew up in Indiana  but am currently in North Texas. I've always loved tech stuff, especially gadgets. Anything electronic that I could fiddle with, always cauught my attention. Radios, record players, walkman. I was the queen of mix tapes in the 80's and loved making technology work for me.

    As a Star Trek TNG nerd at heart, I always dreamed of having one of those tablets and tools they carried around. Bright digital displays enthralled me. I was the only one in my house who could (or wanted to) program our first vcr in the 80's. I think  I was nine or ten. LoL. Although I really love gadgets, that draw to technology never extended to computers for me. I think, for me at least, it has more to do with portability and creativity with the arts. Music, movies, stories, books, all portable and available. Im definately a movie junkie and book junkie. (Marvel especially) I love well told stories in print or on film. I have even been known to write on occasion. My mother is a multi published author as was her mother before her, so I love the written word and have been known to be a grammar nazi. lol. Aside from loving gadgets, I also love to make jewelry. I love to create wearable works of art especially using wire wrapping and gemstones. Its pretty much an addiction. Right now it's just a hobby that pays for itself. I do love art and creativity. With mobile tech, I can pretty much say, that creating walls and customization with launchers and icons is a big thing for me. It's like creating miniature works of digital art over and over again. I do have a system, and a certain order to things, and like to be very organized. My right brain and left brain constantly fight for control.

    My nine to five life is pretty busy. I work in customer service as a CSR  and CSR trainer in phone sales for a large well known HVAC distribution company. (for the last 13 plus years) We are the people your AC technician  calls when he needs parts or equipment. I can tell you the difference between a squirrel cage and spider brackets, or find you a 30 ton chiller. I love my job. I love customer service period. I may be the only friendly voice my customer hears all day or all week. I take that seriously. Im a very patient person and always give people the benefit of the doubt. My weaknesses are cupcakes, caramel Frappuccinos and Spider-Man. Or Iron Man. I could never really decide. I couldn't figure out why I was so drawn to two completely polar opposite personalities, but then it hit me. They are both brilliant. Smart is sexy people. Smart is sexy.  

  • Hi fellow technologist, technology enthusiast, I am Mayank and i am from Atlanta, GA. I love technology and latest gadgets. I am fascinated with advancement made in technology and usually try out latest gadgets. I look forward to this community to enhance my knowledge.



  • hi my name is molly Adams and i love tinkering with technology.  i especially love cell phones.  i spend a lot of time doing surveys and amazon reviews.  i have wanted to learn more about beta testing especially cell phones.  seems like i want a new one every 6 months.  i am excited about this opportunity and cant hardly wait to get involved  .

  • walmart1989walmart1989 daytona beach flPosts: 1

    Hi mt name is Shawn i also have done some beta test before and i am in love with technolgy if i cant find something i like i mod it to fit my needs

  • asbestosasbestos HonoluluPosts: 3

    Eric here from Honolulu.

    Engineer by trade and love to tinker on things but mostly reading about the latest tech out there. Avid sports fanatic (basketball, football, baseball, mma, etc). Looking forward to getting to know the community and beta test some things!

  • Hi everyone from sunny South Florida! My name is Jason and I have been a Unix admin for many years. I have beta tested quite a few things including a ZTE phone, good stuff! As many of you, I love new 'toys' and always enjoy the smell of new hardware. I am happy for the opportunity to learn something and hopefully contribute. Thanks for the chance to participate!

  • tvann2182tvann2182 Dayton, OHPosts: 2

    Hello Everyone!!!

    My name is Thomas, this is my third beta test and I am a software developer by trade. My house is full of tech gadgets and it drives my wife nuts so I just get more and more just to see her face . But seriously For the last couple years I worked Tier 3 support for a tech company and recently got a promotion to software developer and am really enjoying coding on a daily basis. So getting into the beta community is just another great opportunity to expand my knowledge and understanding of new technology.

  • retnuo@gmail.comretnuo@gmail.com Shelton, WA.Posts: 14

    Hello!  My name is Patrick Allred.  I am a techno enthusiast and love gadgets, phones, tablets and computers of all kinds.  I am always looking to expand my horizons by being involved with the latest in technology, such as these wonderful ZTE smartphones!  I hope to spend a lot of time learning about and working with these devices and expanding my knowledge and hopefully helping my fellow beta testers with anything that I can.

    I'm happily married, just having had my 19th anniversary to my wonderful wife.  I have an adult son that is an avid video gamer and is very well employed by a major retail outlet.  I work at home on computers when I can and provide full time care for my mother.  Ask me if you'd like to know anything more!

  • drgonzo369drgonzo369 Hickory, NCPosts: 1

    I'm Rob and I live in  a town north of Charlotte, NC.  I'm a gamer, a geek, and I work in the hospitality industry. I have always liked technology and have always liked the idea of trying things that I normally wouldn't if given the chance.  I've done a few unboxing videos on my youtube channels for kickstarter projects I've supported, and hope to do some for ZTE products.

  • Hey there, Dan in the RTP area of NC.  Definitely a gamer, tech at heart & a wannabe car aficionado.  I work in the information security field & have done numerous types of beta testing over the past few years, although no unboxing events, so we'll see how that goes along.  Glad to meet everyone. 

  • simsim NYCPosts: 1

    Howdy from NYC!

    My name is Simcha and I love all things tech, gadgets and giving my $0.02!

    Thanks for inviting me here!

  • Hello, I'm Mike from Northeast Nebraska I love tech product and like beta testing so I can give feedback and make the finished product as good as possible

  • atkrayatkray USAPosts: 16

    Hello everyone,  My name is Ray and I'm living where we have the greatest snow on earth.

    It says so right on the license plates.    I'm an engineer for a large tech company.  I enjoy beta testing and seem to have a gift for finding "issues" that no one else can find.

    I really enjoy then working with the engineering teams to duplicate symptoms and assist with the RCA process.

    I also enjoy the communities and look forward to working with and getting to know the rest of you.

  • Hello from Arizona. My name is William and I am fascinated with all sorts of gadgets and technology. I spend my time gaming and automating what I can. Can't wait to be apart of this beta.

  • djteamcyberdjteamcyber Ridgefield, WAPosts: 2

    My name's Phil. I love in Washington state.  I am an Android enthusiast.  I love tweaking and modding my devices. I love devices that have unlocked bootloaders so I can modify the ROMs to what I want.  I am excellent at troubleshooting issues and bughunting.  I am excited to join this group.  I look forward to seeing what we can do to help improve the new devices.

  • kimmtabbkimmtabb virginiaPosts: 4

    Hello everyone from Virginia!! Excited to be here

  • Hi, my name is Vikesh and I have been a beta tester for various programs for numerous years and look forward to testing new products by ZTE.  I love new technology and end up buying the latest and greatest tech gadgets.  Looking forward to working with you all.

  • Hello. My name is Tai and I have never Beta tested anything before. I am excited to try out some new technology and electronics. I love giving my opinion on things and helping to improve items and help others with my advice and experience when it comes to purchasing.

  • Hi everyone I'm Sue but go by suzie . I'm from Louisville Kentucky, but now live in Tacoma Washington with my son,hubby,and two spoiled min-pins and the neighbor cat...I've been beta testing product for 19yrs now I'm also a so I'm excited to test anything that I'm sent...

  • antsyadderantsyadder new yorkPosts: 4

    Hello all! First.. thanks for the invite to the community! My name is Lynn. I live in New York.. I am a retired nurse. I have always   been interested in technology. I enjoy the beta testing process and learning about new products and helping to get the bugs worked out. I look forward to working with the ZTE team and learning more about the products and hopefully testing some of them!

  • Hey There,

    My name is Charles and I am a technology Addict. I actively participate in Many Beta tests, looking to get in early on the Next Big thing.

    I look forward to being here and testing some groundbreaking technology

  • chympchymp San Juan IslandsPosts: 2

    Hi all.

    Name's Andrea and I hail from the beautiful San Juan Islands. I love beta testing products and am always looking for the new "next best thing". I think this will be a fun, entertaining, and interesting site and hope everyone sits back and enjoys the ride as much as I think I will.

  • Hi everyone! My name is Dana and I am from New Jersey. I'm currently typing this at my laptop in the kitchen while my 5 week old soon sleeps in the living room. Technology, especially my cellphone, has been a big help these last few weeks with my little one as I use it to keep track of all the important things like diaper changes, feedings, naps, and more. It also helps keep me entertained while I'm nursing him haha. I'm looking forward to seeing what this community has to offer!

  • Hello fellow ZTE Early Access invitees!

    My name is Chris, and I live in Milwaukee, WI.

    I'm a mobile technology enthusiast who has purchased almost 2 dozen mobile devices of multiple mobile operating systems with my own funds. As my life has changed, my mobile devices have become more important in my life.

    I've also been a beta tester for other mobile device manufacturers,for all price ranges, so I'm familiar with the NDA process.

  • My name is Ember, but most people call me Dae or Daemon. Weird nickname I know, but it works for me. Also it's not to be confused with Demon. Daemons are a guardian spirit of a person or place. I have my own personal little daemon, who is not a spirit, but very spirited. She is a 6 year old Rottweiler and a total love. I work in the horrible health insurance industry, but the company I work for isn't to bad.

    I've beta tested a few products and I like doing it and hope to keep doing it. I probably won't make this to long

  • skipster61skipster61 Orlando, FloridaPosts: 1

    "Hello world."

    That phrase,  one of the first lines I ever programmed on an Apple II back in the mid 1980s, shows you how long I have lusted over the Internet, and anything related to technology.

    I beta tested one the first copies of Mosaic, sending my "oh so swift" data through Roboterm on a blazing hot 2400 bps modem! I wrote my very first 8 voice song on a Commodore 64.  I created my very first web page on a local server that was later bought out by a little company called "EarthLink".   Oh yes, times have changed.

    Now I create and publish feature videos on YouTube.  I write full fledged songs on my iPhone. I design web pages and media content in minutes rather than weeks.  All this and more, and yet I can't get enough of it!

    I'm a published writer with over 40 years of experience, a former staff trainer for Best Buy Company, a pastor/teacher in my local Christian church,  and a middle school teacher.  I've got plenty more to share, but willing to learn from  all the members  of our community.  Let's hang out.

    By the way, I'm Skip Brown from Orlando, Florida.

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