No Miracast or WiFi/WiDi connection



  • If I use the air pin app on the computer and the projector it works fine, but there is a 15 second delay in every move on a mirrored screen so that isn't an acceptable alternative.

    I did get it to connect 3 times in a row yesterday, not changing anything again, then it quit and never hooked up again. I bought this unit for the WiFi capability so it needs to work, and work every time. I have a very good high speed quad band router and the laptop is pretty new (less than a year) Dell i7 3rd generation with all the bells and whistles, and everything works perfectly on both. I also have the same issue connecting to the projector with my Samsung phone. Sometimes it hops right on, sometimes it won't at all. So I am really leaning toward the projector having issues at this point. Guess it is time to see what kind of support the company offers. I imagine if I have to send it back it is going to cost me, then I will get some refurbished unit in return, when I paid full price for a new one. Seems to be the way electronics returns go these days.

  • Well, it has been a long time since I started this. I contacted the seller and he had me return it and sent me a new one. Well, the new one has the same exact problem!

    I get the thing out to use it and spend all my time trying to get the damned thing to hook up with my computer. My computer sees it, it sees my computer (it sends the request to connect to the Spro2 and the popup asks if I want to accept or decline, and I push accept on the Spro2, then maybe the screen goes black on the Spro2, or not, or the computer flickers, but then nothing. Then I try again. Same old same old. If it didn't cost so much I would throw it up against the wall I am so sick of trying to make it work!

    And then, ever so randomly I get it to hook up and can use it. Too bad I don't have time for what I was planning to do by this time. And then, it will randomly disconnect and that's it for another round. I can't find help anywhere other than what I have here and none of it works. I am pretty disgusted. Yes, I can run a cable to it, but the object of paying for this one was the wireless connection. Running a cable is not possible with the place the laptop is in relation to the projector.

    Any new ideas since I was here last?? Any other resources to tap into?

  • ironbaybeedollironbaybeedoll United StatesPosts: 4,630 mod

    ​ Good Evening, and Welcome Back. I'm really thinking that something in your computer setup just isn't compatible, whether it be a driver or something along this line. Mine connects every time without issue or lag. I am going to reach out to one other source, but may not hear back from them before the beginning of the week. I do promise to post back and let you know what I find. Have a nice evening

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