ZMAX Pro Small Issues (may be fixable with software update)

Let me just say i love the phone especially for the price (ZTE you killing the game right now, good job ), but i have some issues i would like to see fixed hopefully in a software update.

1st is camera backlight, i dont know if its the camera app or the physical limitations of the hardware but whenever i am going to take a picture even in decent lighting conditions, its really dark. I can go to manual mode and adjust the exposure, but it doesnt help video or apps that use the camera (like snapchat) and i wouldnt want to have to do that every time.

2nd issue is with the mic, calls are clear and crisp and i love that, but anything else (voice recording, snapchat, video recording) is high frequency and tinny with barely any mids or lows in the finished recording. This maybe a hardware issue, if so it cant be helped.

Thanks for providing really affordable phones, even if this doesn't get Android Nougat (not likely, but possible), i would like to see a bugfix update fixing the issues above at least.


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    Agree with this. Just got off a live chat agent. No help from him really. But to add to his list.  I am experiencing screen glitch on VR games on my zmaxpro. Slow internet surfing. I hope these will all be fix on Android N update. You know you guys have to update this phone to Android N right? At the very least?

  • I noticed the mic using Periscope yesterday.

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