Help on getting ZTE to warranty a screen that cracked by itself?

Hey everyone. I have had my ZMax Pro for about a month, and had been having good luck with it. I started to have issues a few days ago where twisting the phone any amount, even accidentally, would cause the screen to turn off. I then woke up this morning to find a crack in the lower left hand corner, which was not there the night before, and I had no contact with during the night. I contacted ZTE, but since the screen is cracked, they said unless I can prove that I did not crack the screen, there is nothing they can do. Any suggestions?


  • ironbaybeedollironbaybeedoll United StatesPosts: 4,623 mod

    ​ Good Evening. Sorry you are having issues with your phone, and I can imagine it is a little heartbreaking. I am curious why you would twist the phone? Regardless though, If it was me, and I knew I didn't damage the phone, and the company is telling me if it can be proven that it was not of my own fault they would cover it, I would send it to them. A screen doesn't break for no reason, if there is honestly something wrong they will make good, and if they think something is hinky on your side they wont. Your phone is broke, you got nothing to lose.

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