Zte zmax pro getting all these great reviews but still no bug fixes

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Zte zmax pro is getting all these great reviews from people who have owned the device for only a few days.  Then the bugs come into play.  And now questions are coming about when will there be a fix,  But zte isn't paying attention to your questions about the bug fixes because they're still focusing on that GREAT REVIEW YOU LEFT ONLY AFTER A FEW HOURS/DAYS OF OWNING THE DEVICE.

Screen glitch

Poor Sound Quality

Cutting Off Randomly

PlayStore Errors

But hey the phone is only $99.00 with a fingerprint reader so we should be happy!!  Yea right!!


  • While I definitely agree with you about the bugs, it has been stated on here by ZTE that there is an update in the works, just unsure when it is coming.

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    Totally agree. I really love this phone for the price and VR capability. But wow I factory reset it 3x already! First was for the error 491. Second was for slow web browsing and slow video load within a web browser link. 3rd just now was for my weather built in widget having location fail error. And when I googled about  Zmax pro weather built in widget having location fail error, first link was from this site. Come on now ZTE, fix all of these bugs with Android N update already.

    Don't fail us here.

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    Just want to add I only noticed this on my 3rd factory reset. All of a sudden the google search widget:


    All of a sudden is embedded. I can't remove it anymore! Before, I can remove it on the second page. Since I want more icon space on my second page. So I just leave it on my home page. But what is up? Did they updated the software? Coz the glitches are still there. Anyone can tell me how to remove this? It is embedded  now though so I doubt it.

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    I completely agree these bugs need to be squashed. and sound through bluetooth is really shotty

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    You will have to get another laucher to remove it,  But if you do not use the feature you can go into settings  &  disable the google app if you don't like using 3rd party launchers. But if you use the feature download another launcher.

  • scan718 wrote:I completely agree these bugs need to be squashed. and sound through bluetooth is really shotty

    There are a few bugs here and there that are really annoying, and need to be fixed,  I agree with that.  However, sound through Bluetooth works great for me, I use my phone all the time and Bluetooth is the main way that I use it, both in phone calls and music.  In fact, it's one of the primary ways that I listen to music in my vehicle.  The Bluetooth is connected to "Sync" and everything seems to work flawlessly.  Every once in a while I am not able to switch songs through the radio in the vehicle like I should, but I'm pretty sure that is an app thing more than the phone.  I have had other phones do this as well, and closing the app and opening it back up corrects it every time.

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    You may be right as I have noticed that it sounds better through the built in app

  • Screen glitch -- are you referring to the backlight?

    Poor Sound Quality -- My sound was suddenly low, then I turned Dolby back on and sound is fine again.

    Cutting Off Randomly -- This happened to me once as well. Thought it was updated to Nougat.

    PlayStore Errors -- What exactly happened?

  • I thought I was the only one having this problem. All of the other sites gave this phone great reviews when in reality this is a horrible phone. I kept telling people this phone was horrible but everyone kept posting comments saying it's a great phone. I bought the phone in August and a day later the problems began. It kept shutting down over and over, randomly. I can be on the internet or in the middle of texting someone and it will just shut off. It did this up to 5/6 times a day. When I try to watch YouTube videos they will play for 5 minutes then the phone would shut off and restart all over again. The signal constantly dropped, I played $60.00 for 4G & the phone kept dropping to 2G. I thought the sim card was the problem so I got a new SIM card & that didn't work. I took the phone back to the store and the guy said That's not our problem, we only sell phones we don't fix them. So I'm stuck with it, I only got the zte phone because I wanted a bigger screen, I have the Alcatel one touch fierce and out of the 2 years I've had it's never given me problems.

  • sshasansshasan Staff Member United States Posts: 4,072 admin

    What steps have you gone through to try and remedy the issues you are facing?

  • sshasansshasan Staff Member United States Posts: 4,072 admin

    Also, if there is indeed a defect with the device you are not stuck with it. You are covered under warranty.

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    Wow, if you returned it within 7 days and they gave you that reply, you should have shove the receipt in that arsehole's face and ask them if they know their own return policy. And if you are over 7 days, you are still very much under warranty. IF your seller (is it metroPCS?) were as useless as they are, just go directly to ZTE. Use their live chat support. I love using that one.

    Glad I don't have those really worst problem ones I read here.

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    I have used my zMAX Pro constantly since August 16th. Actually I have two of them, one for business and one for personal. I have not experienced any of these issues.

    My personal phone has restarted twice.

    I did shut off Wi-Fi calling completely. It was glitchy and somehow detrimental to both voice calls and sms.

    The only minor complaint I have is that sometimes I have to press the fingerprint sensor  twice.

    I did have a few instances when callers could not hear me. I think that was my fat finger over the microphone. Looking forward to the upcoming nougat upgrade.

    Still in honeymoon phase here

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    I started experiencing my phone randomly cutting off! I see that I am not alone here. I got my ZTE Zmax pro about five months ago. While I have had some glitches in graphics while playing games it has never been anything too severe. The other day I went to pick my phone up and check my notifications and it was off. I found it very odd since I never power my phone down. When i powered it back up I still had 66% battery life. Tonight after I got off the phone with my mom I stepped outside for a cigarette. When I came back in and picked my phone up it was off again. I had to hold down the power button for a good bit to power it back up. I have the Z981 model. Has a cause been established for this problem or even a better a solution?

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    In my experience, as Android phones get six months or eight months of use, problems accumulate.  The two most common sources of problems are bugs induced by apps and games and SAD card related problems.

    To find the source, remove the SD card.  Do a clean factory reset.  During the reset, you must choose between restoring prior settings or doing a fresh setup.  Choose fresh.

    Next, install zero apps or games for 24 hours.  Charge the phone at least three hours to get full charge.  Disable the Lookout app as it can cause problems with other apps.

    Then connect to WiFi, go to settings, then updates, and install any pending updates.

    At this point, your phone should be working perfectly.  Install your favorite app, and test the phone again.  If the phone is working well, install a second app and test again.

    As you install apps one at a time, you will find an app that makes your phone buggy.  Delete that app.

    If you need a memory card, install a fresh SanDisk card. Format it in the phone. The premium price SanDisk cards cost twice as much as other cards but last longer, run faster, and have the fewest problems.

    Good luck!

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