Will Axon 7 Bootloader Unlock Work with Axon Pro A1P?

Hi, I need Some verification,

Support for the Axon Pro A1P Looks like its being abandoned. Will The Axon 7 Bootloader unlock process/file work with the Axon Pro A1P?  I Was given a replacement phone for the original one with faulty hardware and there has not been any updates for a long time. As a Techie I love to fiddle with my devices and want to unlock my phone.  I just need clarification before I possibly brick it.  Thanks


  • gusgus Posts: 20

    patience..patience..patience..I believe that day will come, when I get root @ my A1P

  • gusgus Posts: 20

    Please respond!

  • kumatora0203kumatora0203 Danvers, MAPosts: 262 ✭✭

    I would assume that the unlock would be different from the a7 and I also doubt there being a root for the a1p due to it is an "older" phone.

  • worst purchase ever made.  now my GPS stopped working apps crashing, slow and getting slower. no security updates.  frequent crashes and hangs, and this was the replacement phone they sent me.

  • I am talking about the Axon Pro A1P.  I never had anything but issues since day 1. I want to unlock it so I can fix all the problems my self.  If I install any extra software, it freezes and reboots.  Decent hardware, horrible support in software.

  • The phone was the predisesor to the axon 7. The A1P has a snapdragon 820 with 4g ram 2k screen. I have reset the phone several times give or take once every several months. It was wiped. The original phone did the same thing.  I had it replaced due to the home button requiring 4 or so presses before it did something. Each press had hepatic feedback normally.  

  • Yes, and it's code name was A1P.

    Link to the phone page.

    Axon Pro

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    I have often wondered why someone doesn`t update older phones to the newest version of Android for a fee. Seems like someone would make a killing off of phones like the Axon Pro that are not updated to the new OS.

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