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The Axon 7 is a beast of a phone for its price of $400. Of course no phone is perfect!  I wanted to share a few things that make my Axon 7 even better!  First there was an update a few weeks ago to B27,  Get It!  Second is Mi Pop. By enabling this,  it is a back button which comes in handy as there is no backlit keys.  Next go into your settings,  about phone,  find build #, tap on it 7 times then it will say you are now a developer.  Back out and tap developer options,  scroll down and turn window, transition and animations off,  that will bring out the speed of the snapdragon 820 cpu.  Next download Nova Launcher from the Play Store,  also having Nova Launcher Prime you can enable gestures!  Make Nova Launcher your default launcher!  Using Nova Launcher Gestures makes this phone even better!

Next get Player Pro from the Play Store,  yes i paid for it but well worth it,  i also paid for the DSP Pack for it which is a 10 band equalizer that comes with a preamp which will make that 32-bit DAC Extremely   LOUDER    Clear and even more powerful!  Trust me when i say Louder and Clear!  Most people cant take earphones being this Loud!  Loud is nice but full sound with clarity is key!  You can tune the 10 band equalizer and save your presets to your liking.  When using Player Pro make sure the Dolby Atmos is off!  Dolby Atmos should be on only when using the front speakers!

Download Verizon Message+  from the play store, It is free and is a phenomenal messaging app!  I also use Quickpic gallery app since i cant stand the stock gallery app!

After the B27 update the camera is better and the finger print is faster with better battery life!

Whenever you are done using an app close it,  keep screen brightness as low as you can stand it.  I keep smart power on!  Doing this allows for better battery life on any phone!

These are a few apps that i think will make a lot of people more happy with their Axon 7!  The ZTE music app is annoying because you can only use Dolby Atmos, but Dolby Atmos has nothing on Pro Player! 

Hope these few tips help! 

Blessings to All!



  • throestylethroestyle Posts: 83 ✭✭✭✭

    Great tips cbrutus40!

  • cbrutus40cbrutus40 Louisville, KYPosts: 30

    Thanks throestyle!

  • Don't know how to rep you for the original post. Great info! Rep you on your last one.

  • Thanks cbrutus40. It is very hepful.

    I started using Message+ by Verizon on your advice and it is really good..was looking on some advice, if there is a way to activate quick Reply text on that.

    Also folks, any suggestions on a good Writing or Note taking Stylus ( not for drawing or browsing). I wnat to be able to take notes in meetings and want a stylus and a good app to go with it. There are so many out there starting from $5 to $70.. so was a bit confused.

    Thanks for any pointers



  • cbrutus40cbrutus40 Louisville, KYPosts: 30

    As of now that app doesnt have that feature!   Seems that IOS only has that feature!  I could be wrong!

  • rforce1rforce1 Posts: 7 ✭✭✭

    Exactly the type of post I was looking for, tnx OP! Have my A7 ordered and being delivered in the next week or so.

    A couple of questions:

    -Can Verizon+ message app be used with any Carrier, or only Verizon?

    -Should I factory reset my phone when it arrives, prior to setting it up? (I've read a lot of threads where people seem to need to do a factory reset to get things fixed).

    -I will be running a data only sim, & voice/text sim. What slot placement is recommended for this setup (both networks are gsm).

    Thanks folks...looking forward to playing with my new phone!

  • cbrutus40cbrutus40 Louisville, KYPosts: 30

    No need to factory reset your phone when you receive it!  Verizon message+ can be used on any phone!

  • cbrutus40cbrutus40 Louisville, KYPosts: 30

    You can use both sim 1 & 2 slots but when you go to send a message or make a phone call you choose which sim you want to send or call from a tap of a button!

  • cbrutus40cbrutus40 Louisville, KYPosts: 30

    Also I've seen where people are getting Screen Overlay Detected on their Axon 7!   If you come upon that and have Mi-Pop on,  TURN IT OFF and the screen overlay detected notification will go away!

  • With Mipop on, i don't think you can change app permissions

  • cbrutus40cbrutus40 Louisville, KYPosts: 30

    Just turn off Mi-Pop in the quick toggles or where you turn wifi on and off when swiping down from the top of the screen!  You are right though!  Mi-Pop cant be disabled!

  • I turn it off, do what i need, then turn it back on. It is a very useful piece. Makes using the phone a lot easier

  • cbrutus40cbrutus40 Louisville, KYPosts: 30

    Yes!  It can become annoying though as you shouldn't have to do that!  Should only have to do that once,  then everything should go back to the norm!

  • saeedtedsaeedted United StatesPosts: 1,218 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Another tip: if you dont like tapping the bell on the lockscreen to see your notifications thn install the Floatify app from the Playstore. Enable the app to work on the lockscreen and the bell will disappear and notifications will show.

  • cbrutus40cbrutus40 Louisville, KYPosts: 30

    Great to know!  Thank you!

  • bestfapeverbestfapever Mississippi, USAPosts: 163 ✭✭✭✭✭
    saeedted wrote:Another tip: if you dont like tapping the bell on the lockscreen to see your notifications thn install the Floatify app from the Playstore. Enable the app to work on the lockscreen and the bell will disappear and notifications will show. 

    I tried Floatify. It just didn't play well with the Axon 7. The best one I've found is DynamicNotifications. It's free or $1.99 to unlock premium features but those premium features are pretty much necessary for it to play nice with the Axon 7, especially the 'Use as lockscreen' feature.

  • bestfapeverbestfapever Mississippi, USAPosts: 163 ✭✭✭✭✭
    cbrutus40 wrote:Next download Nova Launcher from the Play Store, also having Nova Launcher Prime you can enable gestures! Make Nova Launcher your default launcher! Using Nova Launcher Gestures makes this phone even better!

    If you're going to use Nova Launcher, which I do as well, you might would also like to use TeslaUnread for Nova Launcher which is made by the same folks. It gives you unread count badges on your apps.

  • cbrutus40cbrutus40 Louisville, KYPosts: 30

    Yup if using Nova Launcher use it to the phones Advantage!

  • cbrutus40cbrutus40 Louisville, KYPosts: 30

    Verizon Message+ does have Quick Reply and calling from the Lockscreen Notifications!  Tap the 3 bars in the top left hand corner then select settings,  scroll down until you see >Enable Popup over lock screen,  check the box and you will have quick reply!

  • cbrutus40cbrutus40 Louisville, KYPosts: 30

    If you have clean master app turn off iswipe within that app!  Here are a few ways to turn off the screen overlay detected

  • cbrutus40cbrutus40 Louisville, KYPosts: 30

    Any app that can do Gestures or allow you write on your screen can cause this problem! 

  • cbrutus40cbrutus40 Louisville, KYPosts: 30

    No problem hope that video helps!  Let me know if that video helps you! 

  • Now I am hesitant to add a launcher and exploit the world of gestures etc. Screen overlay definitely messes with your shui, particularly when it is not a simple turn off your MiPop.

  • "scroll down and turn window, transition, and animations off. What do these control or do.. I guess I am trying to ask, what am I losing to gain more speed?

  • saeedtedsaeedted United StatesPosts: 1,218 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    You choose to sacrifice the animations and smoothness developers take time

    to implement for faster window switching on the desktop and app launches.

    If you are uncomfortable going into developer mode then you can achieve the

    same thing with nova launcher.

    On Tue, Oct 25, 2016, 8:51 AM [email protected] <

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