Axon 7 Hissing when audio plays through the headphone jack

Does anyone else hear hissing when playing any audio through the headphone jack? It happens with both stand and super audio setting. Dolby Atmos makes the buzzing louder as well. It sounds like white noise, and its especially annoying when i play music at very low volume or watch a movie at low volume. I can only get rid of it with PowerAmp alpha and routing the audio to the 24 bit Snapdragon DSM. I am wondering if I should return my phone if it's defective or ZTE should do a bugfix if it's a software issue..


  • I'm definitely having this issue. Very frustrating seeing as I'm rather particular about my sound quality, so having lossless audio files seems redundant with this 'hiss' present. It's interesting how it seems to work; it is noticeable while listening to low volume audio, especially when someone is speaking softly or something similar. When the audio stops (for example the person takes a break from speaking in a video), you hear the hiss cut out, but right when audio is present again, the hiss returns.

    I see there are a few others in this community with the problem, and I was just reading this post from another forum where someone had the same issue ---> Hissing Static Sound coming from speakers an… | ZTE Axon 7

    It would be great to hear from anyone who has a solution, and even better to hear from the lovely ZTE camp here in the community! Loving all the updates, so it would be awesome to address this!

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    I found that the update, B29, helps but doesn't fix the issue entirely. Before this update, there was a constant hiss and very low volume sounds tended to distorted. Now, the distortion is gone, only the constant hiss is still there, like the amp has a high noise floor. It's a lot more bearable but still not perfect.

    I also noticed that the hissing isn't there when I press the demo above the Standard/Super switch, so I'm leaning towards this being a software bug. Hope this is addressed in a future update or when Nougat rolls out.

  • That's funny, I just tried the demo earlier today and I found the same thing. Athough, there was a lot of constant sound in that demo, so it may have been less noticeable than say, a spoken conversation.

    Indeed, I'd love to see a fix. I just know it's going to really bug me while wearing my headphones and watching interviews on youtube. Most everything else about the phone is great.

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    Sorry, the demo testing I did was before the B29 update. I just did some more testing and the hiss is definitely in the demo too now. I guess that this means they're aware of the problem and they're tweaking around with the software. I still hope this gets passed to the dev team so they can prioritize this issue. I'm not sure how to tag sshasan, petershih or aerospaceman in this.

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  • I tested the same phone the other day at Best Buy and they all have the Static Hissing.  Some people say they are not hearing it but because there not putting there ear up to the speakers you probably would not notice it.  The problem stems from Dolby Atmos but so far no fix.  Thanks

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    I have the Chinese A2017 model running Oreo & have just noticed this hissing sound which can be heard at lower volumes when I keep speakers close to my ear. I don't hear any hissing sound using headphones. I wonder if it's always been there or it's a hardware/software issue. I'm probably gonna hard reset the phone to see if it goes away. Anyone could fix it?

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