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I have a usb back-up battery that I used on my old phone.  Can these be used on the ZTE Zmax Pro?  Without damaging the phone?


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    I am no expert on the Zmax Pro, ​, but you should be fine. Let's see if someone with more knowledge of that device answers for us first though

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    You'll be fine using that. Depending on the output of the battery pack though you may not get quick charge capability but it will still charge the device with the included USB C charging cable.

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    Using a USB backup battery will be fine with the ZMAX Pro. As ​ mentioned, it might not charge quickly and will depend on your battery pack's output ratings and if it is compatible with any quick charging or not. Most chargers have an output rating of 1A, 2A, 2.1A, or some sort of "smart" output to determine what is the fastest charging rate it can provide. Quick charging requires a different protocol (Qualcomm 2.0, 3.0, etc.) though and those USB battery pack are usually more expensive. If you know that your battery pack is quick charging compatible, it will be great to provide faster charging to your phone.

  • Thanks for the reply's!

  • You'll have to use the cable that is compatible with your phone, but you shouldn't have any issues using it.  If it doesn't supply much power to the phone it might either just keep it where it is at, or slowly charge it, but you shouldn't have to worry about damaging your phone.  Just make sure that you don't try to jam a micro USB plug into the USB C port that is on the bottom of the ZMax Pro.....This will cause damage, so as long as it just has the USB port on the battery pack, you should be able to use the cable that came with the phone, or any other USB to USB C cable and plug that in and be good to go.

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