Grand Max 2 Camera not working

I just got this phone yesterday.  It says it has a front camera.  According to the user manual, there should be an icon on the top of the screen in camera mode to switch to front view.  It's not there.  Also, when I select the Bokeh option, I get an error message that says "Unable to connect to camera.  Camera has been disabled because of security policies or is being used by other apps."

I've checked all the settings that I know to check.  Security, camera, etc.  I've even done a "Reboot".  Has anyone else had this issue or do you know how to fix it?



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    OK good starting point.  You already did a reboot and that did nothing. 

    Here is another thing to try.  I know it is time consuming but it is a likely method to fix issues. 

    Do a factory reset.  I know it sound bad as you bought the phone new.  Still humor me.

    I've seen this happen in some phones where a factory reset fixes the issue.  Settings>Backup & Reset>Factory data reset.

    Let us know if it improves or stays the same as you may need to exchange that device.

  • Thank you.  I'll try that when I get home.  My battery is almost dead.  It's at 8%.  It was at 93% last night, and I haven't used it except for a couple of text messages.  I don't have any contacts loaded in it yet.  I'm not sure if the batter is going to be an issue as well or not.

  • frodriguez2010frodriguez2010 Enterprise Tech Support Engineer TexasPosts: 1,904 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    No problem.  As i mentioned please let us know.  I am curious as i have one and do not have issues that you are describing. 

  • I have done a complete data wipe/factory reset as directed by the ZTE manufacturer instructed.  I followed their step by step instructions.  It wiped everything from the phone back to it's original settings.  Still no front facing camera and no Bokeh capability.  I even installed another camera app, and when I tried to use the front facing camera, it said there was not one on the phone.

    I've asked ZTE for a replacement phone.  I know this phone has a front facing camera, and I should be able to access the Bokeh app.  I've looked online, and lots of people have gotten the same error message on different versions of the ZTE phones.

    Any suggestions would be welcome.


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    No that is it.  You verified the Software and it still is not functioning. 

    I feel Its hardware related from you description and you have requested replacement. 

    Hopefully it will arrive quickly and you'll start to enjoy the phone.

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