ZMax Crashed or Died??

I was out and about today with my Zmax Pro when I happened to run the battery down to 1%, first time in the only 1 week that i've owned it, so i powered it down. On my way home from work i plugged it into the car charger and it lit up long enough to show the battery charging. When I got home I stuck it on a normal charger and Nothing, I get nothing, no lights, no power, dead like a brick, it's been on the charger for 4.5 hours, the back of it is not even warm and it's still dead like a brick? Any ideas?


  • sshasansshasan Staff Member United StatesPosts: 4,069 admin

    Try holding down the power button + volume up and down for around 20 seconds.

  • Power up button nothing, power down but a white box came up that says FTM

  • sshasansshasan Staff Member United StatesPosts: 4,069 admin

    We'll that shows that the device has power but you have to do the combo all together at once.

  • You accidently put the device in "Field  Test  Mode" .... FTM.

    Happens when you mash the Vol-Down and Power buttons at the same time..

    Vol-Up and Power held down at the same time will get you out of it.. and maybe into recovery..( Sometimes, it just reboots normally coming out of FTM.. sometimes it goes into recovery if you don't release the Vol-Up key quick enough )  if it goes into recovery,  just select Reboot from there  ( Volume keys changes selection.. Power Key chooses that selection ) Fixed..

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