Snapdragon 615

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I ran cpu z on my phone and found out I have Snapdragon 615. On here:

ZTE Zmax Pro - Full phone specifications

It says Snapdragon 617. And here:

Snapdragon 615 (MSM8939) vs Snapdragon 617 (MSM8952) – performance, benchmarks and temperatures

I really don't see any much difference on specs between the 2.

Also on here:

Snapdragon 615 Processor Specs and Details | Qualcomm

Apparently it is multi sim capable. Just throwing it at there. I read some people are complaining this is not multi sim. And that ZTE is not 'truthful' on their specs.

I don't care either way. The ONLY reason I bought my zmax pro is coz of its VR capability. IT helped that it has 6 inch screen well actually according to cpu-z it ONLY has 5.98 inch screen size...... hmmm. And of course the low price


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    That's a review site it looks like they got the specs wrong just go by what ZTE says and the Qualcomm site just is telling you the chip had dual sim capability it doesn't mean the OEM had to included dual sim

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    According to antutu its a sd617

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