Is Anybody Else Losing Connection? (ZMAX Pro)

I am having intermittent loss of signal with my ZTE ZMAX Pro, the phone will still indicate that there is an LTE signal but it shows no upload or download. Toggling data on and off doesn't fix the issue, but turning airplane mode on then off fixes it immediately. I have tried changing any combination of LTE and Wi-Fi setting that I can but the issue persists. Sometimes it will maintain signal for hours while others I will lose signal multiple times in an hour without any apparent rhyme or reason. I have seen other forum posts describing my exact issue, so I know that I am not alone with this. Has anybody found a fix for this issue? I've heard talk that ZTE may be releasing some fixes for the ZMAX Pro, I'm crossing my fingers that this issue is rectified because the phone is absolutely fantastic otherwise.



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    I have not had this problem wit my zmax pro but how long has this been happening and when did you purchase the device?

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    I bought mine used off of eBay and it has been doing it for the past few days, which is the length of time I've owned the device. I've read up on other forums of others with new devices having the same issue. I've found that the Pro fails to connect to data services after leaving a wifi source or when remaining idle without using any data. Since setting my Twitter to refresh every ten minutes I have not lost my data connection aside from when leaving a wifi source.

  • Same prob here since day one.  Bought a phone in September that was manufactured in August.  Replaced sim, factory reset, changed apns, and a million other things.  They then replaced phone win october with a phone manufactured in september.  Same exact problem.  Airplane on/off fixes ot sometimes for 3 hours, other times for 3 minutes.   ZTE told me the hardware is bad.... But im quite sure its software.  I just wish someone could tell me WHEN the fix is coming! 

    A fix in the form of android Nougat wouldnt be a bad deal. 

    Anybody out there know when an update is coming?

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    Yes same problem here and it's getting very annoying starting to regret this purchase haven't had any good luck with ZTE products was excited about this purchase but now I'm straight frustrated beyond belief I hope the update comes soon and it fixes things or I'm moving on to something different and better and never looking back ZTE it's a wrap very dissatisfied customer once again by your product.... Sorry if anyone can help me fix this situation then please let me know something asap

  • Switching to LTE off in the data settings fixed it for me, it might help you too. Hopefully this will be fixed in the update so I can switch back to LTE on cause 4G is a pita sometimes but at least it doesn't disconnect randomly.

  • I've had this issue too, but not since the update on wednesday morning.

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    Yes, I lose the data connection when the phone disconnects from wifi and when I have not used the phone for ten minutes or so.  Switching to airplane mode and turning airplane mode off usually solves the problem.  Restarting the phone works as well.

    Searching the internet shows many T-Mobile and MetroPCS customers report this problem with different brands of phones.  I suspect it is a software bug in Android that relates to power saving.  The software puts LTE to sleep to save power and the bug blocks LTE from waking up.

    I have a weather app that updates the current temperature on request.  I use it to verify LTE is working.

    The bug is worse with data heavy apps.  Spotify and Netflix will give me a "no connection" notification even when Chrome and Gmail have an active LTE connection.

    Perhaps the NOUGAT update will solve the problem.

  • It's happened a few times since getting it. The most recent was yesterday afternoon.

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    As a guess, I suspect that the loss of the 4g LTE data connection is a result of overly aggressive power saving in Android software.  I am trying to keep 4G LTE active by removing data related functions from the power saving plan.

    That is done by going to settings, then battery, then "battery optimization", then "all apps".  I unchecked and  deoptimized email, Gmail, messages and weather. Those apps are now on a list of unoptimized apps under the Battery Optimization tab.

    Keeping those apps active might "trick" 4g LTE into remaining connected.

    Battery life is about the same as before.

    If the problem is with Android software, hopefully the next software update will provide a fix.

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    there is twice I have noticed in my zmax pro metropcs that signal will lost into zero and refresh to LTE back again. Happens twice already i dont know if the tower had power outages or what..

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    I did a factory reset before installing the B14 software.  I have not noticed 4g disconnections in area with a signal.

    I had a "one time only"  bug when I lost 4g in a rural area far from a tower and I could not reconnect when I reached a city until after I turned the phone off and back on.

  • That could possibly be because of your carrier if you exceeded a certain amount of unlimited gigs. I'm on metro unlimited plan.

  • IM having the same issue as well as constant reboots. It would also drop calls all the time. Tmobile is sending out a new phone however i Just cleared out a 8 gig cache under storage and the symptoms have stopped....I dont know how its related but 8 gigs seems to be quite a lot. Almost as if their is a memory leak or poor management

  • I keep losing connection on my 4g also. The only temporary fix I found was opening another app that requires internet access then go back to the main page you were on. My best hopes to you.

  • return the phone to carrier zte wont help u with that issues. either their so called tech department is stupid or play stupid

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    ​ thats an interesting outlook, I dont see you've ever asked for help on here before unless your using another account to post all these comments. Its very hard for others to assist if you dont ever ask for help.

    P.s I dont work for ZTE but theres alot of others just like me on here who love to try and help others

  • zte delete my account because the multi touch issue is hardware related and i was blowing it up because they was using plausible deniability. you don have to to believe me its your money so its your problem

  • the multi touch issue. whats your take on why zte has not even acknowledged the multi touch issue which is clearly a hardware issue cause by static? i am interested in fixing real problems . the plausible deniability  by zte should not be acepted when we know for a fact its caused by static which is hardware related. thats a key issue

  • sshasansshasan Staff Member United States Posts: 4,076 admin

    accounts are never deleted for the reason you have given.

  • . you have no answers for multi touch issues which is clearly hardware related because of static my phone is on the december security patch but this is what gets your attentions you clowns are ridiculous 

  • all i know is i am unable to log into my previous account i was denied i created a new one it works so the site is working fine. what else could it be. the thread about that issue was closed

  • either you are stupid or playing stupid. you fall in one of those categories

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    I hope you understand that there are on going software enhancement programs going on for the ZMAX Pro right here in Z-Community.

    Since this is a carrier device there is little that ZTE can make publicly say in regards to update due to contractual agreements.

  • its because i understand why i know u are full of it. my phone has the December security patch its march 30. what programs? cut it out, dont insult my intelligence.what about the multi touch issue?

  • what about the multi touch issue? why hasnt zte acknowledged it. the carriers told them not to do that . the carrier excuse only goes so far

  • why am i not able to access my account. do u have a way for me to contact u so can can figure it out genius? you are talking about guidelines i am talking about facts, what actually happened. the thread was closed and i cant access my account after that

  • Same as you here I've had four zMAX Pro's and three of the four of them had this issue MetroPCS lied one time when I was at their corporate store and said that they had put out a fix for it already that was a blatant lie

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    I have a similar or same issue where when leaving a no signal area, the phone does not find signal at all when I return to a strong signal area. I have to manually toggle airplane mode. Thing is I might be 30 min or 30 miles into a signal area before it think to refresh.

    This is my second ZMP with this issue.

    I was told to post here because ZTE listens. But unfortunately nothing can be done until the carrier requests that ZTE fix the issue. After ZTE releases a device it's no longer under their control. Everything lands on the carrier.

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    You know the answer to this good sir!

    They say: "Contact ZTE."


    It's the same runaround with all OEMs and carriers. OEMs program the SW (bloatware) to the carrier's specs, then the carrier makes sure that revision of SW and the HW work on their network and then anything after release is always at the fault of the other.

    "We can't do anything until the OEM makes a change."
    "We can't do anything unless the carrier makes a request."

    Problem is, is that OEMs can make the fixes, but the carrier needs to test the fix first. Another issue is that some OEMs are not like others who can issue a fix directly without carrier approval. Also, some OEMs have software on the PC side that consumers can use to fix and update. Some can receive FOTA (firmware over the air), ZTE devices generally cannot.

    Apple: I can install any version of iOS that is still signed off on. I download the OS and install via iTunes.
    LG: Some allow to use LG AirDrive, AKA LG Bridge or download the KDZ file and install via recovery.
    Samsung has Kies. (everyone knows how that works)
    Moto/Lenovo use stock Android mostly, so that's easy. (simple OTA download)
    Pixel/Nexus come straight from Google.

    Carriers only care that you can call, text and use LTE data. That's all you are guaranteed with the carrier. Software, apps, the hardware...anything outside of the Basic 3.....if it used to work then that has no bearing on the're on your own.

    So, the issue is more about the OEMs quality-controlling the testing and inability to fix after release and less about the carriers needing an update. If the phone does the basic 3 things, then why would the carrier ask for a fix for other issues? The carrier sells services and makes nada on the devices. The OEMs sell the devices and after that, well, it's sold and the money is made. They work in tandem to sell devices and services.

    One must also remember this: Samsung vs ZTE: Samsung has a fire in a Note 7 and ZTE has failed networking hardware. One is more serious than the other. One is a flagship company and device, the other is a Chinese company with no real market penetration in the US and the device is an almost lowest-tier prepaid device.

    I mean for goodness sakes: One ZTE device still has misspellings and misaligned graphics and the other loses signal amongst other things.

    Well, whatever...iOS 11 is right around the corner. iOS 10.3.3 is on it's 6th beta test and it's just an incremental update. I have received exactly nothing but a couple patches since Nov 2016.

    Apples and oranges though.

    Of course I know you already knew all that, but some might not have.

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