How to move Apps to External SD on ZTE Sonata 3?

I'm not sure if there is already a thread about this. But I've searched all through google and all I can find is how to use a 3rd party rooting app (such as app2sd) to move apps to my external SD card. I DO NOT want to do this. I'm not very smart when it comes to smart phones. But on my last 2 phones I had (one phone was from straight talk, but than I switched to cricket to save $, than just recently that phone got broken so I had to get a new phone) on my last 2 phones there was an option under settings>apps than going to the individual app and selecting the option to move to sd card. Also I think there may have been a setting in Google play but I don't remember for sure, if there was though I know I always forgot about it whenever I'd download an app. Anyway, this ZTE Sonata 3 does not allow any of those options. Two days ago I found the "Backup & Restore" on my phone to backup to my SD card so I used it to try to move my apps. I should have been smarter and realized it would only "back up" onto the SD card but still leave it on my phone's internal storage too. Well just today I learned each app has its own file name (e.g. Facebook= com.facebook.katana) well I already know how to plug my phone via usb into my pc and move files like pics around from internal to external sd so I figured I'd try it with the app files. However I figured there'd already be duplicates due to the Backup and Restore. So I went into that and there was an option to delete backup files so I did that, and than it took me to the files section under the backup and restore app and showed me it was all empty. So I just now plugged my phone in to my pc and opened up 2 windows one for the phones internal and one for the phones sd card. However, the app files for both facebook and facebook messenger were already in both locations, and I don't even see an app file for Instagram, just the folder titled "Instagram" that holds automatically saved pics that save to my phone after uploading pic posts to IG. TO SUMMARIZE my questions: 1. HOW DO I MOVE APPS TO MY EXTERNAL SD CARD WITHOUT USING A 3RD PARTY ROOTING APP? 2. IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE ON A ZTE SONATA 3? 3. IF I DELETE THE APP FILES FROM THE INTERNAL STORAGE FOLDER USING MY PC WILL THE APPS REMAIN ON MY PHONE SINCE THEY ARE ALREADY ON MY SD CARD TOO?

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