Streaming quality issues with Spro 2

I've been using the projector Spro 2 for a week and I've been disappointed to realize that most TV streaming apps only show low quality video when running on it.

The best way to exemplify this is the difference in download size of Amazon Video content when running on Spro 2 and other platforms, such as iPhone 7. For example, the Season1/Episode1 of "jean claude van johnson" amounts to 375MB when downloaded on an iPhone 7 and only 95MB when downloaded on the Spro 2. The video quality is perceivably bad and consistently low quality across all content of paid subscription apps. I have verified this for HBO Now, Showtime, Starz, Amazon Video and Sling TV. The only exception is Netflix which has consistently good streaming quality. Hulu sits at a mid-level quality, not yet satisfactory though.

The low quality is perceived from compression artifacts in the image and probably also actual lower resolution video. This problem happens under optimal networking conditions, 5ghz wifi, close to the router, 100mbps optical fiber internet, etc. I'm a software engineer and I've tested this thoroughly.

Is there solution or should I return my purchase?




  • fzrrichfzrrich United StatesPosts: 4,257 mod

    ​ I'd like to provide some assistance with your issue. What is the actual streaming quality you are receiving? The Spro 2 is capable of streaming video up to 720p. What type of surface are you projecting onto? Are you using a screen or projecting onto a wall?

  • I'm fully aware of the resolution. I'm projecting it on a white wall, smooth, matte surface, with the lights fully off.

    As I mentioned, the video quality varies drastically with the streaming app being used, with Netflix and YouTube being the best, Hulu in the middle; and HBO Now, Showtime, Starz, Amazon Video being the ones with the most noticeable video quality problems.

    Most likely the video quality issues are due to compression, but possibly by the video not being transmitted in 720p resolution. The example I gave about the video file downloaded by the Amazon Video app for offline viewing being 375MB on an iPhone and 95MB the SPro 2 indicates that there's a problem in the app recognizing the type of device.

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    For the 95MB file, what resolution is it?

    I currently do not have their video service, and they do not provide details on their quality levels beyond SD, HD,UHD, and HDR, where HD is listed at 1080p.

    If it does not offer a 720p stream, and it picks something that is equal to or lower than the native resolution, then that may be the issue.

    Throughput should not be an issue, especially since it offers 2 stream 802.11ac, But one thing that I have noticed for some streaming apps which do not directly allow you to select the resolution, is that they will refuse to let you select a resolution that is higher than the native resolution of the device (probably more to prevent people from using additional network capacity on their servers).

    95MB could mean a 720x4xx  (varies based on aspect ratio of the source content) H.265 HEVC, which would be a poor viewing experience at large sizes.

    I will try and see if I can test the service on other 720p devices, and see which quality stream it limits me to.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    There's no information on the actual resolution those apps are streaming the video, nor a configuration setting that allows me to specify a higher resolution or less compression. I do understand what the possible causes are. My main point is that ZTE needs to do something about it, otherwise the costumer experience is not acceptable. ZTE can either release custom versions of the streaming apps or change the reported capacity/configuration in its Android  distribution to allow those apps to fully use the Spro 2 potential.

    As I mentioned, the same file on a 720p iPhone uses 3.5 times the data, indicating a better resolution or less compression.

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    Are you using an LTE connection?

    If you're on T-Mobile, they automatically downgrade the video quality as part of one of their programs to give you free data.

    Also some apps purposefully downgrade the quality on a mobile connection.

    You can make changes in the settings usually.

    When I'm on Wifi, I don't have stream quality issues at all.

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