Axon 7 won't charge at all

I have had my phone for 2 weeks now and just yesterday it didn't charge overnight. The phone has drain the battery completley now. The phone says battery empty plug in charger for a few minutes,then power on. I have tried multiple chargers and they all do the same. Factory charger and micro adapter chargers and the all say the same thing. Sometimes I have got the power sign showing charging and 0% but never charges. Looks like it has to be the phone. Any ideals? 


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    Hello ​. I'm sorry to hear about the issues you are having.  Can you get the device to stay on long enough to Factory Reset it? I wouldn't try it if you think you can't.

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    I would try clearing cache from recovery menu first and see will that solve anything; if not, do factory reset and see will that work.... and if that doesn't work, then you might need to call ZTE or the retailer you bought from to do an exchange.

  • I can't get it to come on at all. I have got the start up come on and just die. Apparently no battery to do anything.

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    I would suggest contacting Customer Support ​.


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    ​ please keep us posted on the results of reaching out to customer support. If you need anything else feel free to reach out to us, the ​ is always here to help.

  • Thanks for all your responses. I have contacted the company that i bought the phone from and have sent back to them. Once they verify the phone is defective should send me a replacement.

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    Thanks for the update, . Let us know how the replacement works out for you!

  • Woke up this morning and having the same issue. Went to bed with the Phone at 40 percent which normally lasts throughout the night.

    This is disheartening, honestly. Really love this phone and recommended it to so many people. Feel disappointed right now.

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