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Microsoft just can’t seem to catch a break in the mobile world. But the company isn’t done trying yet despite trying again and again.
The next Microsoft phone could be one of the best smartphones ever built.

It was reported that Microsoft would “continue to be in the phone market” and that it would trench its own course to create the “ultimate mobile device.”  Microsoft is not considering to even create the best phone by today’s standards, it's looking forward and wants to build a device that could herald a new generation of smartphones.
Although the Company wishes to make an impact on the smartphone industry, it's mobile attempts have generally always missed the mark in some way.

Even though the company has largely failed in the smartphone market, Microsoft is in the best position that it has ever been in to create a rukus. The Surface computers are selling like very well, and they’ve even inspired a range of knockoff devices. Not only that, but the new Surface Studio was released to quite a bit of fanfare, and it’s likely we’ll see more successful hardware products in the computer world from Microsoft, too. If the company can somehow use that new influence to persude potential smartphone buyers, we could see a substancial shift in the company’s smartphone prospects. It will certainly be interesting to see what the company comes up with.

Critics have called for Microsoft to quit that smartphone market at least a few times but, hopefully it can now prove those critics wrong.


Interesting indeed what are your takes on this rumor?


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    I love Windows, but I love it on my laptop and tablet. I don't want it on my phone, I think the ways I have learned to interact with Windows isn't possible on a phone, not without at least a major adjustment.

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    I am a windows PC guy and enjoy Windows 10. My first smartphone ran Windows Mobile "Pocket PC" and at the time they were kind of the smartphone market....a short reign lol When Android gained momentum, and Apple, some how Windows just  lost momentum and got lost in the crowd. Every recent attempt just looks like Microsoft trying to squeeze my pc desktop  onto a smartphone and it just doesn't work for me. I agree with ​ but I don't want to say its impossible to interact with windows on a phone...but ....so far it doesn't look promising to me. But hey, you never know their is always that slight chance  Microsoft  pulls a rabbit out of a hat and develops something really impressive on a mobile device. Never say Never I suppose 

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    Well especially now that Microsoft is starting to work on a couple of Linux projects again.

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    I am a huge Windows mobile fan.   The it reason I left was the future of Lumia was over and the rumored Surface Phone was not announced at the October Microsoft event.   I reluctantly moved to Android but found the best phone to use Android with.  Unfortunately, Windows Mobile fell victim to bad timing and a lackluster support from MS as a viable platform.

  • I am a diehard windows 10 mobile guy. I picked up my first windows phone right after they released wp8, and now I have become so used to the interface that I will never go back to another platform. When you pick up the other brands, they feel like childrens toys after being used to a good nokia. And now that I can install android apps on my phone without a hitch, the only drawback I faced is gone.

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    ^ Never used s windows phone myself, but market consensus is that they won't ever gain enough interest to come back.

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