ZTE Maven 2 (z831) Change SD Card from Portable to Internal?

Is there a way to do this? It isn't very well documented it seems, but it sets it by default as Portable, but that disallows you from moving Apps to the SD Card. It needs to be Internal SD Card to do this. But I see no setting to change it.

Help! only a 4GB main storage on it, and it's running out! I've got a 64GB SDxC Card, and cannot use it!


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    ​ Hello, and Welcome to Z-Community. I don't have access to this device but will try to see what information I can find. I do know that with Android you have the option of using it as adoptable storage, but after Android 4.4 there is no longer the option of moving apps to the SD card as we could before. Also some devices only allow the SD card to be used as portable storage. I will see what I can find out about your devices possible options, and will post back shortly.

  • really...i am on Android 5.0 right now, and have a Move To SD Card option on certain apps...

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    ​ Welcome to the Z-Community, My name is DJ im part of the , we are happy to provide more information for you. First if your still on android 5.0 you will want to update your device. The Maven 2 has Android 6.0.1 available for it, to do so simply make sure your on wifi then go into your settings and then update. Although Android 6.0.1 doesnt bring the feature to use the sd card as internal storage there where a few bug fixes and some overall features and stability improvements.  After that you can download apps like move to sd that allow you to move apps that have set up the function to work with there apps, this however is only effective on a small number of apps. Other than that the Sd card is primary set to save photos and some other data.

  • okay, well first off, MY phone is a Galaxy Note 3. THAT is what has the 5.0 Android OS.

    my friend's phone is the Maven 2, and he has 6.0 on it. according to the link i posted above, Android 6.0 has the ability to use the SD card as an Internal card, which can be used to store apps, music, whatever.

    so are you telling me that they disabled this feature? what for? is it too new, or untested? were there problems? i just don't understand how this would NOT be a viable feature to want, when the built-in storage on phones these days is so low...

  • I  tried to follow the instructions in the link above,  but I get no option to format my SD card for internal storage use.  I have a Z831 from ATT what gives?  Without the ability to expand the internal memory, I cannot add the Apps I want,  as the Apps cannot be stored on external (SD) storage.


  • Is this a bug that an SD card cannot be used to expand internal storage?  On this phone I get no options to move Apps to the SD card or install Apps to the SD card,  which means very few Apps can actually be installed and SD cards are pretty much useless other than for pics and music.  People use Android for Apps,  what gives?


  • My name is Chris, and I have gotten my SD card to change to the internal storage, but I had to do a factory reset and can't get it to go back. Is there something I can do to get it changed again?

  • I have hunted the web over unless I'm missing something here I have to say there is no way to store app to SD what gives zte

  • I have the same issue -- had to "move up to Z831" cuz my Z812 broke -- it had ability to move apps to SD card. VERY UNHAPPY with ZTE 831 -- surely they can fix this with software update. I will no longer purchase this brand if this can not be addressed.

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