ZTE Axon 7 - Imported from China to UK


My from the UK and hope you can help.

I've just imported a ZTE Axon 7 from Ali Express.

All seemed to have gone well until I tryed to load a couple of apps that look to see if the phone has been rooted.  Both were rejected due to detecting the phone bein rooted.

I wonder if the seller rooted the phone in order to install the google play store ?

I have reset the phone (I assumed it would remove the root, but it did not) and now have google play store on the homepage but it will not work (just flashes when pressed). I presume I have to update it perhaps via APK Mirror for example ?

This has runied the experience and goes to show that when you impoirt a phone from china you are taking a big risk.

Any help / thoughts appreciated. I currently have a phone with a home screen displaying: Gallery, Calender, Settings, Toolkit, Smart voice, Messanging, ZTE theme and Play Store.

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