Will the Music Player/Audio Problems of the Axon 7 Be Addressed?

Getting to the point, we all already know the problems the Axon 7's sound faces:

- The sound is limited to 16 bit output for some reason (as confirmed by PocketNow).
- The 2017G model has volume output severely limited by the software.

- The stock music player is extremely bare-bones lacking functionality, super laggy (especially with FLAC files), and buggy in every way imaginable.

- The stock music player might be the only thing that properly supports the Hi-Fi 32 bit DAC. People falsely think various players like PowerAmp support it, but they're in fact using the Snapdragon 820's 24 bit DAC.

- Dolby Atmos is super buggy is so many ways I don't know where to begin, at least on the 2017U model. In nearly all cases it limits sound output severely and muffles everything making it sound muddy regardless of settings.

Has ZTE made any statement about any of this?:
- Why they're limiting sound output to 16 bits? Is it software only? Would other music players be able to output 24 bit sound with proper support?

- Will the 2017G model get an option to increase sound output?

- Will the super laggy music player be fixed and improved so it can actually be used?

- Will Atmos be improved/fixed?

Of all the things on that list, the most bizarre things are the stock music player being barely functional and sound output being crippled to 16 bits. For a device marketed as an audiophile phone, that's unacceptable.


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    Thats funny because I just commented on this in another thread.

    You've got to explain this one to me. Everyone including the professional reviewers rave about the speakers and personally I just don't get it.

    Yes they are a little louder than those on my last phone but they still have a tinny sound like a 1960's transistor radio. What am I missing?

  • I would like to know an answer to this as well. I can't find a straight answer anywhere.

  • The 2017G model has volume output severely limited by the software pursuant to EU regulations which legally require such limits. The other variants don't have the same big brother limit built-in, ostensibly to protect people from themselves.

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